Active alliance (11 strong) looking for merger with same

We too are looking to merge with another alliance like ourselves, which it seems you are.
We are mostly US based but have some players in other countries.
We do not communicate outside of here. Some players not comfortable with it.
We are an alliance that puts things to a vote and divides responsibility. We all offer help and tips.
We are looking to grow but want to have fun along the way.
We are Soul Leechers Check us out.

Your alliance sounds exactly like ours and would have been a perfect fit. It’s a shame we only have 13 spots open. Good luck.

Are you still looking to merge with an alliance?

I replied to your post in another thread regarding 11 spots. Our alliance has the 11 openings after cleaning house. If you are still looking, feel free to come on in whenever. The alliance is forthehorde. Again, we do not require communication that someone is not comfortable with. We don’t use or require line/discord. We are mostly US/UK. Laid back and a mix of newer players and long term veterans that want to improve and have fun.

Are you in the merger group on line? If not add me, dLm_mage

Check out Dawn of Destruction
Echo8549 on Line

I’m sorry. I’m new to the forms and didn’t see your reply. We are still interested in merging. We have 10 to 14 open spots. We can accommodate all of you. If you ask :slight_smile: please let me know. My line ID is - BONEDOCAAFC. That’s the best way to find me so we can talk about it. Thank you

Im sorry! Thank you for the reply!!
We are looking to absorb a group as a merger.

Sorry, I was telling davitiello that we had room to take in his people. We have room to take 11 people after some kicks. We have 19 active people, so were looking to have a team of 11 or less merge into us.

If you are still looking let’s talk

Hi Vashti we are now 11 and yes we are still looking for a merger. If you are still interested let me know what information you are looking for and I can try to supply it.

Hi yeti are still looking for a merger? We are now 11 and ready to merge. Let me know.

We have had a few new members since then. We are at 23 so only 7 spaces left I’m afraid.

That’s cool. Just drop a note if in need of 11

Hey Deputy we are 11 strong after cleaning up a bit. What are looking for?

@davitiello1 hit me up in line, let’s talk. We have 12 open spots and looking for a merge, not an absorb.

Line *yawn

I could take some people, if any of you interested, my line id is jrigs

Same with our group. My line id is PickyMolePeople. Could not find you.

We are lookjng for a almost no rule alliance. Almost meaning only rule is we communicate for wars and titans. Comms can be used for other but that’s it. We are a line app user group. We ask for participation but all agree real life takes priority. We are a very helpful group and love to chat. Mostly it’s about the game which is good. When members start missing three titan attacks and two war we give a notice that their inactivity may cause them to be removed. That’s it. Something you are interested in?