Alliance recruitment/Merger

Hi all. We at HamNation are working n another recruitment drive. We have suffered a fair bit of player fatigue which has reduced us back down to 19 players. We have been in existence for approximately 5 years with a lot of us that are left having been in the alliance for at least 2 years, some of us longer. We are a friendly bunch and have successfully merged twice, taking in smaller teams.
We currently have 12 open spots that we’d love to fill. It was just so much better when we had a full alliance, but everyone knows how difficult it is to keep it that way.
We are a mix of ptp and ftp and we have no stipulation as to how you choose to play. We are friendly, knowledgeable and always happy to help. We do not take the game so seriously that we kick people all the time, but there is an expectation that everyone contributes as much as possible. So, hit all titans, and use all war flags, or opt out. That is it really, oh and use the same colour war tanks as the rest of us.
Please come and take a look, have a chat, and if you like what you see then please join us and get us back towards being full again.

Many thanks

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We are still looking. Thanks

Hey Daztardly,

We happen to have an alliance of 12 that has been considering a merger. Most have been in the alliance for years. It’s a mix of experience and levels of engagement, but been playing as a laidback casual group with coordinated war tanks.

Want to chat?
FurnacE, Killjoys Death Dealers

Hey Furnace,

Thanks for reaching out. Do you have Discord as it would make things easier, but if not we can chat via this link.



Hey FurnacE, I’m bub, the leader of HamNation (Daz is one of the co-leaders).

We still have 12 open spots so would love for you guys to come on over (we can make any trophy requirement changes you need).

Feel free to send someone over to chat in game or if you have line you can message me directly, bub102x
Or discord you can jump on our (optional) server and talk HamNation