Alfrike or Clarissa ? For Raid Defence and Wars

Hi Guys

I’ve been lucky enough to get both Alfrike and Clarissa. Need help deciding between the two. I only have the tabbards for one.

My plan is to also run Sif+9 to help boost Mana preferably in a Flank role.

The heroes I have available for this raid defence team are: Telluria+9, Vela+9, Mitsuko+7, Kage+10, Frida+0, Heimdall+0, Joon+9, Sartana+0, JF+9, Malosi+0. I also have Costume Quintus that’s an option but still have to level up, let me know if you guys think he’s a better option than Clarissa / Alfrike.

I also have some decent 4* Heroes, All of S1,2 and 3.

What defence team would you guys recommend and why ? My aim is to maintain around 2700 cups.

I am leaning towards Kage, Vela, Heimdall, Sif, Alfrike. Trying to only have one per class so I can move the Emblems around.


Personally Alfrike never really bother me on raid defense because she is super slow, and she often can be killed last and she doesn’t even ready to charge yet.

For versatility purpose either offense or defense, i suggest clarissa.


I think you’d love to use Afrike in Fast tournaments. Although Clarissa is more versatile.

Clari and Heim and Telluria uses the same emblems so you won’t want to use them at the same time in your defense team

I think Kage - Mitsuko - Telluria - Vela - Joon/Malosi will do the trick

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