Miki or Finley?

Yeah i was lucky.

I have 2 scopes so i do have some time…

I have miki at 3 70 and Finley will be there. I’m first busy upping Kingston and redhood.
My blue team is alasie arthur ariel aegir isarni magni.
Finley and miki both add to this team. Who will be best fitting? And yes, we’re fighting 11 and 12 star titans.

I think Finley is more complete and will get the scopes eventually. What are your thoughts?

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Miki can hold his own at 3/70 on 11/12s and since, to me, he is a titan specific hero, I’d max Finley over him.

Both should get maxed eventually, but I’d do Finley first because he’s faster and more versatile. That said, a maxed Miki can give you Titan hits of 150k+ if you get a good board! My Miki-powered record is 160k against a 10* Red. Had a blue diamond on the board when it ended


My Miki is at 3.70. Definitely hangs in there at 7*/8* titans, but still need to keep an eye on him/her(?). Have lost Miki several times in battle which ruins the whole titan attack for me. I’d opt for Miki as you seem to already have a deep bench of blues. To use a football analogy, Finley is a talented skill position whereas Miki is that dominant left tackle that you just plug in the titan lineup and don’t worry. Either way you’re fine.

Heres how I use miki at 3/70


With this particular line-up, Miki would be the better choice if your focus is on titans, but you are correct about Finley being more well rounded. You have two support blues and four offensive, so the decision, imo should be Miki, because Finley doesn’t add anything new to your line-up, but, as others have said, Miki can be used at 3.70 just fine… I’m not too sure about how Finley performs at that level though.

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If raids, definitely Finley.

Titans, Miki and at 3/70 he still works. Just gotta keep him alive against high level titans.

The problem is, with the heroes he already has, who would Finley replace? Even if he went Mono, I don’t see Finley replacing even Isarina.

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I would replace Aegir. I prefer to use 4x hitters and a support hero.

Aegir is his 6th maxed blue though. He already has Alasie, Ariel, Arthur, Isarina, Magni so Finley would still be sitting on the bench… well, if he were on my team with that line-up he would.

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Oh I would replace Arthur out too.

If he has a chance to draw Frida again then replace Isarnia.

To maximize damage, you kind of need Isarina for her special and tile damage. Arthur is pretty essential to that blue stack if you ask me as well. If you have a maxed Arthur, you don’t need a maxed Frida.

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Isarnia is more important in his blue stack since she debuffs all and the rest can pick off it.

Arthur is a single target. That’s why I suggested to keep Isarnia and let Arthur go.

Arthur and Magni/Alasie is instant death. Kunchen and Ares have actually survived a hit from Isarina and Magni before.

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With Isarnia, you have many options on who to kill (multi kills is possible) .

Arthur unlike Jackal, his mana is not in sync with the fast guys while he only targets 1 hero.

Ariel - Alasie - Magni - Finley - Isarnia as compared to having Arthur for Isarnia.

Only Frida should replace Isarnia IMO.

On that group, I’d go Arthur over Isarnia, especially against Titans. Mainly because Arthur stacks with Finley, Isarnia doesn’t.
I don’t stack when raiding though so I’m just looking at Titans

For titans definitely the king is better.
Even better than Frida.

I have 3 fridas on the bench. And Athena… lol

In my titan team isarnia miki and arthur are needed. Isarnia and arthur together lower defence of titan with 90 percent. Alasie and magni are the hitters…

So I’ll take finley. Tx

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If she fires…


Ahh. Athena to replace isa. You need more scopes!!

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