Age of Apocalypse Wants You!

Hi all

Age of Apocalypse is looking to expand and is ready for new Members! We are anew Alliance on the making and we are composed of experience member’s.

We are 3 dedicated member’s that are active with lots of experience and we are ready to move up and take on bigger Titans and harder Wars!

If you are a competitive player looking for a new home, a fresh start, a new challenge or if you’re bored of your current alliance…come check us out!

We do not limit you, we empower you!

While we encourage you to apply for our alliance we do have a few requirements:

  • 1K Cups minimum
  • Be active, have fun, and communicate.
  • Most important of all… Life comes first.

We will supply you with a vast amount of knowledge and you will benefit from an organised and tactical driven alliance.

You can check out our YouTube Channel @:

Are you ready for something new, serious, competitive and fun? We’re waiting for you!
Be part of something new!

hey guys- seems like we might make a good team. as of right now ther r only 5 of us but ther may be a couple more that leave our old alliance&join us. do u kno how to do an alliance merger? we dont have any fancy graphics but we do have 5strong, dedicated members. check us out!


thanks all!

《i am…requiax》

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Do you have line? My line ID is: parallelsys (biotite)

Search me up.

Lets talk! :slight_smile:

no line…sorry :frowning: but very interested in a merger… no idea wat comes next tho lol! this is my 1st time leading an alliance…still tryin2 figure stuff out.
thx 4ur time

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Go to our alliance and hit request. We can talk there.

im feeling pretty special rt now…i sure cant figure out where that ‘request’ feature is. i can see ur alliance-bt thats all… so i downloaded line lite-not sure if that’ll work or not. i registered my name as requiax on ther so if u can find me… promise im way better at PLAYING the game… lol!

anywyz, we hav a few offers floatin around. but seeing as how we jus escaped from our miserable alliance, we r trying to do our homework&not rush into sumthin just cuz it looks good. that said, ur group might b the best 4us…it would be fun to have others close to our levl who like to play…

i shudnt trash talk. besides the lazy-bones, goody 2shoes that gave my friend&i the boot for exchanging emails& putting “2much pressure on ppl 2play” -the alliance i was in had been a good one up until recently. bt gosh im rambling. sorry. look me up lol!


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Got it. Ok ill look you up.

Found you (I think lol) Sent you a msg. I am parallelsys but my display nick is biotite.

We are waiting for you!
We are hitting 6* and 7* Titans now, Looking to move to 8* and 9*!
Come check us out!

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