Considering Forming New Alliance

Hey everybody, I’ll get right down to it. I’m considering forming a new alliance if I had the right people interested. It would be a rule driven/based alliance of needing to attack at least not 2 titans of idol attacks in a row and opt in to war unless otherwise informing beforehand. Invite only and seeking higher level players. To give you my stats I’ll post some pictures below. The highest I’ve ever been ranked globally is 88 and 14 in the US. Would be looking for at least 10 people interested to get started. Post below if you are. Thanks - MetalFaceDoom

If things dont work out for you please consider us:

We have the same vision!
Line ID: Parallelsys

Take care and Good luck!

Good idea to seek other players, starting and filling up a new alliance is not an easy job.

If you decide not to start, but look for an existing alliance, please consider Zero (leader LordRellim, Line djlite247). We are competitive, war oriented alliance with friendly chat.

If you decide to start a new alliance, wish you good :crossed_fingers:!

You could join Helios. We have 2 spots. :slight_smile:

We are a newly formed alliance Dynamic Duallists…also looking for players

Holy necro thread batman

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FWIW this thread has been inactive for two years, so a reply from the original poster (OP), might be a long time coming.

It might pay to start your own thread perhaps?!


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