Searching alliance merge opportunities

Our alliance consists of 12 active and socialized players. We are together almost 6 months. Some are experienced and money spender, some are not. We are active and now hitting 5* titans.
Instead of searching individual players, we want merge with same level alliance with full and equal management capabilities. If you want such possibilities respond. Alliance name is Shoulder-2-Shoulder.

ZERO alliance family is a group of 5 alliances playing on different levels. We have a common line group for sharing knowledge and having fun across the alliances. Our newest training alliance is on similar level as you guys seems to be.

Do you use Line? If so, maybe easier to talk there with our leader: djlite247.

Check out Age of Apocalypse!



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look up asguard we speciallize in getting new playera able to raid as the best in record time with great startegy throught the alliance. we are semi casual but we do have some competitors especially the women in our allaince lol. good luck on your search

@BeyazPeynir I for got to mention that Age of Apocalypse has room for all of your alliance members check us out! :slight_smile:

Hey @parallelsys… I will ask my team mates. We have 12 members. But, I must mention that, we are together since long time and we have a very friendly environment. If you search “Shoulder-2-Shoulder”, you will see everbody is co-leader. There is no hyerarchy in our alliance. Everybody is getting stronger and stronger. Only 1 member is idle cause of real-life issues, but he will return soon. We will be happy if you join us and help us to grow.

I would be open, just started my alliance a few weeks ago. Recruiting takes a lot of time. Most of our team are below lvl 15. With a couple moving up fast. Might not be what your looking for.

Hey, there!

I’m the co-leader of Netherworld, a rather new alliance founded 41 days ago. We have 9 members and we’re consistently hitting 4* Titans.

We run a Discord server, which we use to coordinate war efforts and Titan hits. We have lots of information about the game there and a bot that helps players with the game.

Please check us out!

Hello @BeyazPeynir. I am not looking to move Thanks though :slight_smile:We are looking to have a team merge with us.:smiley:

@BeyazPeynir Please hit me up in Line: parallelsys

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