Looking to merge with another alliance - Casual Experienced Active players

We are looking for another alliance to merge with. We’re casual, experienced, and active. We’re currently stomping 6:star: Titans and doing OK in war. We’d like to combine forces with another alliance to stomp larger Titans and have a bit more chatter. We have very few rules.

Rule #1 Have fun - it’s just a game
Rule #2 Be active - we like to play every day
Rule #3 Communicate - talk in chat and use discord
Rule #4 Be nice - don’t be an a**hole

If your alliance matches ours, let’s chat.

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if your interested i would like to discuss a merge with us instead. we plan to be very competitive in war and on titans i have an exceptional discord server set up with boatloads of information id be happy to invite YOU to our server and we can chat.

Here’s my discord user, then we can DM there: g-man#2928

We are AOA:

Come check us out! We are experience players like you looking to grow.
Our rules are pretty much the same :slight_smile:

Line ID: Parallelsys
Discord ID: parallelsys#4495

Anyone looking for a new alliance

Were about the same size and have room for you all… your discord link seems to be expired… check us out


Merger? Line: ghostnamepbj

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This thread pre-dates the auto-closure of Alliance Recruitment threads after 30 days.

Since it went 11 months without a post until being resurrected recently, it will be closed now.

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