Safe Haven Looking for Merger Opportunities

All Safe Haven is looking for merger opportunities with other alliances. We currently have 11 players and are hitting 5* titans.

We are looking for other alliances that share our core values.

Be Active!
Hit Titans (we are trying to find an alliance that will be able to take down 7/8/9* titans after the merger)
Participate in War (opt out if need be)
Utilize LINE app.
Want to have fun while playing the game.
Help members of the alliance and game to grow and improve in the game.
Chatty group

Please feel free to reach out to us on line app or in the forums.

My Line App handle - Rybar
Coleader of alliance - southernboy 1983

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I searched Rybar in LINE, not sure if it pulled up the correct one though! I am Jrobi in LINE, LINE ID is crazed_texan, member of the crew family! Message me if you are still looking. Alliance is Crew-Squires.

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Still looking :slight_smile:

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Zero alliance family of 5 alliances playing on different levels. We have common line group for sharing info, knowledge and having fun. Our training alliance Zero Origins is on the same level and share your values.

Line: djlite247

@rybar We are Age of Apocalypse.
Check us out.

We are 3 members hitting 4 star titans and killing them . We are moving to 5 soon and we want to grow.

This is a perfect alliance for your team and we can unite and grow together!

line: parallelsys

Im Cervantes77 in Line, take a look at Crew Raiders.

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You could probably talk with jrobi or cervantes about joining them as well. Think they have enough spots between the 2 of em to take u guys plus the ones looking in the OP

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Hi Rybar, Maulers sound like a similar alliance. We are currently 21 hitting 6 and 7*. We would welcome any of your team if anyone wants to try us out

Not sure if I found you on LINE…

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You sure did. I reply to your line msg.

Hi, rybar!

I’m the co-leader of Netherworld, a new alliance founded 41 days ago. We have 9 members and we’re consistently hitting 4* Titans.

We don’t use LINE for the game, but we run a Discord server, which we use to coordinate war efforts and Titan hits. We have lots of information about the game there and we also have a bot that helps players with the game and is in active development. (I’m developing it :slight_smile:)

If you’re still looking, please check us out!

@raquelcesar we haven’t figured out quite what we are doing yet. We are finishing this war and discussing options to move forward. I will pass your information along to the alliance. It’s nice getting quite a few options to see what fits best for the members of our alliance!

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We are a 6 team family. Hit our Leader up: Line: djlite247


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Magical Exiles has 20 players that are active, we are a free to play group that are hitting 7 and 8 star titans. If you wish to join you would be welcome.

No worries. :relaxed:

I understand that’s an important decision that must be made by all members of the alliance and certainly can’t be taken lightly.

I hope you can find the right fit for you all.

My alliance is looking for three active members right now send me a message if interested were currently working on 7 stars


If you get a chance please search for me on line: parallelsys
I had to re open my account as I finally got a temp phone. So I lost ur contact.

All the leaders of our alliance have made a decision. Thank you everyone for your interest and willingness to help out. It wasn’t an easy decision as everyone had something to offer. Best of luck to all in future recruitments.

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hello- we just started our own alliance after being rudely booted. all mid-level, dedicated players who had just brought their alliance up to 5-&6star titans-&then got kicked for asking members to use thier titan flags!! we wanted 2stay 2gthr as a team so i figured a merger wud b best. all of us r experienced&have teams redy 4wars-&all r 1200cups or higher.

so…thoughts…? let me know…?

《 i am … requiax 》

ZERO ORIGINS, search Origins