Aegir or Magni?

My maxed blue heros are as follows: Alasie, Athena, Isarnia, Kiril, Sonya, Triton, Grimm and I have Boril at 3-60. I am currently working on Magni, but with the buff to Aegir, I was wondering if it made sense for me to switch over. I only have 8 telescopes so only 1 will get maxed.

My main priority is titan, then raid offense, raid defense and war is last.



If you don’t need Aegir for defense I’d say Magni for following reason:
Aegirs strength is his special and at 3-70 it’s the same as at 4-80 (assuming you have it fully leveled). Magni profits far more from the extra levels

can’t believe I actually said Aegir strength is his special. Few weeks ago I would have slapped myself for thinking that

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How can be same 3/70 and 4/80

All 5 * heroes specials are same at 3 70 and 4 80, provided that you reach level 8 at 3 70.
4 80 will increased the attack, defence and health points to the max.
Edit : look at Aegir specials lvl8 3 70 and lvl8 4 80 and you will see there is no difference.

@JoeStraz Awesome collection of heroes. Given the priority, Aegir, 100%. Aegir is a good tank, but he’s absolutely sick on offense.

Aegir to replace Kiril.

He has higher survivability.