To ascend: Lancelot, Aegir, Skittleskull?

Hi all,

Hoping for advice on my team. I’m free to play (though I did cave in and spend 1.09 on a nice gem discount once which paid off with Lancelot!).

SH 16 going on 17. Been running a TC 13 for a while.

Who should I ascend next (I only have 1 fine gloves)? Priorities are Titan, War and Raid offense; not so much War defense, and I don’t really care about Raid defense yet.

  • Aegir 2/60
  • Lancelot 30/60 (still missing one hidden blade!)
  • Skittleskull 1/28 (but all my other Greens are leveled so I’ve been feeding him fast)

My only other 4*s and above are:

  • Gormek (maxed)
  • Proteus (maxed)

I have a decent bench of 3*s who have served me well on Titans, Wars and Raids (maxed unless indicated):

  • Blue: Valen, Graymane
  • Green: Mnesseus, Belith, Berden, Carver, Isshtak (2/1)
  • Purple: Tyrum, Renfeld, Balthazar (1/1 - he’s new!), Oberon (2/33), Prisca (1/1), Vlad (1/4)
  • Red: Hawkmoon, Namahage, Jahangir (2/23), Nashgar (1/9)
  • Yellow: Bane, Kailani, Dawa

Thanks for all your advice :slight_smile:

maybe it helps you

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@MightyTomHardy thanks! I really appreciate you taking the effort to look them up

As per Aegir - the fact that he is A class tank is believed by only 2 people in the World. So, the table above is not correct.

Your heroes are not very suitable for much of promotions. You already promoted the best what you had (Proteus and Gormek). I would continue using them + 3 of your 3* s till you get anything better from TC13 and then TC20.

The best of your 3* s : Valen, Bane, Belith, Hawkmoon, Mnesseus, Berden, Balthazar and Kailiani.

You can combine attacking team based on colors: fire burns green, blue extinguishes fire, green sucks blue, yellow and purple are enemies each against other.

@nes, thanks for the advice. That’s what I’m doing now - for raids, I always bring Gormek and Proteus, and almost always bring Lancelot (he works well with Gormek, and they have the same mana speed so I usually get to use their slills at the same time).

And yes, I use a combination of the 3*s that you listed,usually in a 2-2-1 color spread.

You were unlucky that you got the worst 5* (Aegir) and very squishy 4* (Lancelot). I wish you better heroes in future pulls or from training camps!

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thanks! you’re right, Lancelot is super squishy. If I can fire his special, he helps a lot (buffing Gormek and Proteus, I always do Gormek-Lance-Proteus). But he also often dies before that, oh well.

I’m lucky that at least I have Gormek and Proteus.

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