I think I should use Isarnia on defense as my blue tank but her shield is weak and she is slow. But I also believe most people use 3 2 and mono offenses making 60% to 80% of the tiles fired missing hero building your mana with no damage

Isarnia is really squishy as a tank. If she lives long enough, her attack is devastating, but 3 tiles from mono green and she’s gone

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Isarnia was my second five star and I have that sentimental attachment, but SLOW and TANK just don’t go together. Go with Boril and save scopes for season 3.


I tried Isa as a tank for some weeks when I was still at platinum or low diamond and my ally also used blue tanks at war. She got emblems for better shield but her slowness was too huge disadvantage for a tank and I was happy to be able to change her to red tank when we changed tank colour.

For my knowledge now I wouldn’t have maxed her at all. She is nice flank in 5* fast tournaments but that’s not worth of 6 scopes I think.

Isarnia is a great attacking hero and she’s a decent flank to a beefy tank (especially to BK) but she’s certainly no tank.

She’s worth the scopes without question, doubly so if you have her costume, but not for tanking.


Kunchen would disagree.
Boss Wolf would disagree twice.

Slow at tank is fine… But it needs to be a beefy hero and it needs to be a significant effect once it fires.

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Exactly. A tank needs to have 2 strengths: durability and a punishing special. They need to be able to survive long enough to fire, AND their special needs to be able to change the course of a battle.

Issy’s special is ideal for a tank, but she’s squishy enough that she won’t survive the tile hits she needs to charge.

I like to use her on left flank

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I’ll give you Kunchen, yes. Poseidon, Drake and Justice have a ton of wolf heads on their wall though.

Yet the stats say he’s one of the most successful tanks, period…

Like anything, a player with a good plan and a good board can/will win - but not all plans are well conceived and not all boards cooperate.

No defence always wins, it’s all about the probabilities.

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