Aegir 5* 3.70 + 2x Anzogh 5* 3.70, worth leveling for my war defense? Thanks for the Advice

Aegir 5* 3.70 + 2x Anzogh 5* 3.70, worth leveling for my war defense?

RNG does not like me.

Any 5* heroes I spend $50+ USD chasing I do not get. But I have all 3x Paladin HotM ( Perseus, Aegir, Frida ) and for some reason 2x Anzogh.

I do not have the 4* ascension items for 2x Anzogh 5* 4.80. But I am already leveling Aegir to 5* 2.60 for class quests and Anzogh to 5* 2.60 for farming ( replacement for my Azlar 5* 2.60 ).

Since green is strong against Aegir but weak against Anzogh, would it be worth leveling all three ( 1st Anzogh, Aegir, 2nd Anzogh ) to 5* 3.70 to replace my Rigard 4*+14, Boldtusk 4*+14, Grimm 4*+16 from my current war defense team/ raid defense team?

I do have 20x telescopes and 349x Paladin emblems. Should I level both Anzogh to 5* 3.70 and Aegir to 5*+6 for my war defense team/ raid defense team?

wow, thats interesting… I like with double hero for just fun.
my current defense like this:
Li - Melendor - BT - Grimm - Li
Although both Li Xiu is at 1.1, I’m at Gold Arena (around 1400) has a good balance win/lose ratio.
Currently leveling 1st Danza, and later I will put double Danza.

So for double Anzogh at Field Aids, thats good idea I think, I’m curious with the result.

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Maxed Aegir to replace Grimm - Yes

2 Anzoghs to replace emblemated BT and Rigard -No
Your 4* already have vert high stats with these emblems (alnost like maxed 5*). Anzogh at 3^70 will be much weaker than them.


Aegir with double red flanks would make me stack blue.

I actually already prefer to use blue against him most of the time anyway, particularly in War, since people often put one red flank with him, and blue provides good opportunities for either dispelling his buff or overwriting it partially with a defense debuff, while saving my greens for other attacks.

(It’s nice to have 2 of Sonya maxed, 2 of Grimm maxed, and Frida maxed, for lots of options to deal with Aegir tanks when we face many alliances with coordinated blue tanks, without having to touch my green bench at all.)

So from my perspective you’d be making it easier to kill your team.


None of those improve your defense at 3.70 IMO

Now Aegir at 4.80? He’d definitely be a stronger defense choice than Grimm IMO. Aegir is a solid tank.


Another one that stack blues with Aegir + 2 reds.

Blues is full of defence debuffers, turning the elemental link of Aegir in your favour.
Just try to imagine that team attacked by Athena, Frida and Magni.
I will target one of the 2 Anzogh (the one with blue tiles under him) and deliver massive damage for all your team.

As strange as it seems, i think double green is the best flanks for Aegir, as many does simply not use the opposite color against him but double the most used color.

That way if you want to use fire stack to go against that double green, all three are weak against Aegir.



Thank you everyone for your interest in my topic!



Thank you very much for your detailed replies. There were a huge help.

I will be sticking with my 4* hero defense.

20x Telescopes

It sounds like Frida would be better at 5*+6 since I can use her with Grimm 4*+16 ( Ramming Pulverizer ), Kiril 4*+1 ( Heal and buffs ) and Perseus 5* 3.70 ( non dispellable anti-heal awesome for Field Aid ).

That will still leave enough Telescopes for Magni, if I ever get him. And Ariel, if I win the Atlantis Summons lottery. Maybe “skins” will add another healer to Classic 5* heroes.

5* Heroes

After the rumors about Alchemy Lab, I have lost all hope for Hero Academy.

Unfortunately rare quests give you 4* ascension items, not Classic 5* heroes of the same color.

I swore I would never do it, but I will be running 2x Legendary Training. One for food storage, and a second to try to get Magni and Sartanna. Maybe even Justice. All the Hero XP possible does not help if I do not have any heroes to use it. The Advanced House Level 9 should help since it will produce 120 recruits per day, enough to cover 2x Legendary Training.


Frida is a game changer for your blue attack. Boost with Kiril’s dragon banner and lay her special down and then Grimms and you’ll literally destroy 3 heroes.

As for defense Aegir is meh. Perseus or Frida offer a more versatile defender. The can perform a tanky role but also live in the flank or wing and still contribute. Aegir not so much.

I’d max Frida, use her with Kiril, Grimm, Aegir (3.70), and Perseus maxed on a blue mono attack. I’d use Perseus or Frida on defense until a better (not blue) tank option appeared.

I used this blue mono team to raid to number 1:

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