Advice Request - Frida / Alice / Athena

Have a very good conundrum but I am spinning in circles.

I have the three mentioned heroes and like them immensely but cannot for the life of me arrive at a definitive conclusion at to which of them to prioritize for final ascension.

Athena joined first hence the higher level, Alice was next and finally Frida.

Athena at 3-70
Alice 1-48
Frida 3-30

All will work at 3-70 for titans (although Athena now dies fairly quickly). Titans are the reason Alice was immediately stopped in favor of Frida. The idea is to have all three before bringing any into final ascension (in part to help gain proper war depth). This will give a bit of time to farm and raid with them before making a decision (I regret Lazy King Richard’s ascension, just left him cold at 4-67).

IF ones goes to defense team, Alice is the one that probably works best, fast mana, neuters the attackers. Frida is tempting if paired with Alice for double blue and her defense against green. It could be very, very annoying for the attacker. Can’t be dispelled / stolen so PIA… right?
In addition, Alice and Frida have good talents for defending, Athena’s feels more geared to attacking

Currently blue has one rep defending the stronghold and it is a 4-70 +6 Boril who is holding up strangely well in the tank role. I am perfectly happy feeding him emblems for a while more and leaving him there.

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Athena is most versatile for final ascension. You will use her everywhere, and she is still considered an elite hero.

Frida and Alice will do just fine at 3/70 while you store up your scopes.

I would prioritize scopes thusly:

  1. Athena
  2. Frida
  3. Alice

Thank you.

20 arrows

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I just want 1 of those 3…


I also have Frida and Athena and I cannot wait to get Frida caught up to Athena and pair them. That elemental link is gonna b wicked between them! Also I have Isarnia who it will benefit as well. But Athena with Frida screams WIN!

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This is exactly why Frida cut the line ahead of Alice, the synergy is huge. Also, was crying out to get an elemental debuffer in Blue (was never expecting to get Arthur).

The conundrum is scopes, scopes are, well, rare (as promised). Just six in inventory and one tome so I am flip-flopping wildly because all three are worthy of scopes.

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do Athena first. you will not regret it.

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Sorry for the dumb question but I just pulled Frida and I have King Arthur (maxed) and never stopped to think about (or test) this: do special skills count as elemental damage? Example, if I use Frida or Arthur’s special against a green hero, would the damage they do be different than if I used that same special against a red hero? Thanks

it would do 54% more damage, whatever the damage was before.

versus Green Heroes, for example, would still be weaker hits but still 54% more damage.

versus Red heroes… 54% stronger, with the amplified hits of a strong color.

Gotcha but for the initial attack before any debuffs come into play, say the 290% damage for Frida is 500 against a yellow hero, would it be 1,000 against a red hero and 250 against a green hero? For some reason I just assumed only tile damage was affected by color (it’s a little off topic but the debuff talk made me question how special hits were applied)

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Yes. It increases with elemental debuffs.

I’m in exactly the same position, except Athena is maxed and I currently have one scope in the inventory.

Alice is very tempting to max next given she’s my only 5* fast sniper, but the synergy with Frida’s hit-3 is tough to beat. I suppose I’ll take them both to 3/70 and decide from there.

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Thing about Alice -

she’s still really squishy in the 3s… like Grimm squishy… not going to change your life :slight_smile:

so parking her at 2.70 and getting to her eventually is a solid strategy - she’s been leapfrogged twice now for Ariel and Frida…

Athena is …well Athena.

Frida needs to live, as her buff helps every other blue

Advise in thread seems to mimic what your doing already :slight_smile:


Are the 3-70 stats for Alice and Frida uploaded somewhere? I didn’t see either in the spreadsheet that circulates on here.

A 620
D 581
H 1134

I have not seen a mention of talents. Is this part of the plan?

Athena would be first priority.

Frida is good but specialized heroes , not really Tank and not really hit hard + average mana which is worse than Eve/Phanter.

if you have Slow heroes in Defense lineup , Ariel would be top of everything. she will help your slow heroes gain mana faster. Ariel + Azlar would be nice pair.


Alice and Frida seem to have the best talent for a defense team, Athena seems better at attacking where you control the board to a degree.

Athena is competing with Eve for emblems.
Frida with Inari and Alice has less competition unless Aegir gets a solid buff and can serve properly as my tank.

Therefore I believe Alice to be the one most likely to get emblems based on my current roster, she may or may not make it into the defense team, the other two are unlikely to make the defense team.
Currently: Sartana +1 / Zimkitha +3 / Boril +6 / Delilah 4-79 / Evelyn 4-74

I am saving up for the Atlantis with Ariel, missed her this last time but got Frida so hope that Ariel comes in next month’s Atlantis, not this one. Fingers crossed (REALLY hope she is in the same pool as Hel, that would be…dangerous). IF I get Ariel it would put Kunchen on the back burner for a very long time and cause me pain for all the resources that went into Delilah.

Thank you all for the advice.

Athena is finally in fourth and final ascension.

What took so long?
Aegir got buffed and “had” to go to 3-70 from 2-1
Frida 3-70
Triton went from 1-1 to 4-70 as well…he makes Aegir so much better.

I tend to disparage average speed mana heroes (especially after getting wiped in a raid) but there is an upside to Frida and Athena being in synch because it is a smashing 1-2 punch and if stacking Lazy King Richard too…poof.

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