Magni vs Alice

So in the last Wonderland event I was blessed with Alice. She’s a great hero and at 3:70 is amazingly effective. But I know at 4:80 she’ll be a real powerhouse.
So here is my dilemma
I have enough scopes to ascend one blue hero and Alice is vying for that honor with Frida, Vela and Aegir right now.
I currently have Magni in my defense roster and I am looking to possibly replace him with Alice.
But is Alice the better choice? Or Magni? If she is the better choice I will probably ascend her first. If not…
Would I be better ascending Frida, Vela, or Aegir for regular offensive play? Alice is a great sniper and I don’t have a 5* rogue class hero to put emblems in right now. And I know Frida is great for red titans and I use her very well at 3:70. But for regular raid and war attacks Frida and Aegir (also 3:70) tend to be my second round of picks since my fully leveled heroes survive a bit better. Vela being the last blue 5* tends to get third round at times. But she is wow when paired with Frida! And I don’t have a 5* Druid right now either.

I have a fairly deep bench and none of them are a huge need to fill a specific gap in my roster. So I guess this is more of a fine tuning my defense and offense. I raid in mid-high diamond arena. And in wars fight 4000-4300 level teams.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Frida would bring more out of Magni (and more out of Alice or Vela, whichever you do next)…

That said, you mentioned not having a 5* rogue maxed and Alice is excellent (I use mine a lot) - do you have your paladin emblems invested already?


I would go all the way with Alice, she is an excellent sniper and great as wing for defense!
I would only do Frida in case you would emblem her and only if fighting titans 11* or more. I would really love an Alice in fact


I do. I have Ares and guardian falcon emblemed. I have been saving up emblems though so I have some to put on her. About 350 to get her started

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How do you raid?

Obviously Frida kicks titans but if she’s doing it for you at 3.70 then that’s enough there.

If you like to run stacks in attacks then Frida will add a lot of punch to the blue stack…
Then again, up to a certain point she can be used in raids at 3.70 (I still use 3.70 Panther in raids against 4500TP teams).

I’m not saying Alice is a bad choice, she’s a great hero… But I tend not to prioritize a sniper if I already have a sniper in that colour and have alternatives that add other functions (so purples I have Kage done so Seshat sits behind Panther and probably Mok too).


I usually run 2:2:1 in raids. Ariel and Magni are my main blue heroes in that setup. Though usually with changes as the strategy calls for it.

I am similar in my thinking. I have Magni as a great sniper which is what started this whole thought process lol.

Personally, I would go with Frida first, Vela second, Alice third and Aegir last.

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Vela destroys red flanks letting you focus sniper attacks elsewhere. Frida is great but charges after Magni/Alice/Vela. I’d say if you have a lvl 23 Mana troop, Frida. If not Vela.

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Highest mana troop is at 17 right now. Not quite 23 :slight_smile:

So I went ahead and went with Frida. Figured she would help out overall by making all my other blue heroes’ attacks stronger if she could stay alive longer. So far it’s been a good decision!


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