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I finally have enough resources to fully level a 4* team. The thing is I don’t know who is worth leveling up right now. Can I get some suggestions and feedback on who I should level up?


Yellow: Wu kong, good everywhere, especially Titan.

Purple: Proteus, max him first.

Blue: Kirik

Green: Hansel everyday, he’s maybe the best 4* released in game.

Red: Boldtusk.

Overall you have other great heroes who deserv to be ascend like Gretel, Tiburtus, Sabina & Rigard, Melandor & Caedmon, Gormek & Colen.

My 2 cents.


Okay, thank you for your time and help. I wasn’t sure which heroes to fully ascend first. In your opinion who is better Wu Kong or Ranvir, or should I ascend both?

Yellow: Gretel, Wu Kong can wait, because you already use 4 orbs for Ranvir, so finish Ranvir to 3.70.
The rest I agree with @Ziel05.


Kiril, Hansel, Boldtusk

Tiburtus, Wu Kong

Proteus, Gretel


@jinbatsu Thank you for your feedback.
Should I level Ranvir all the way once I do get the ascension items or is he okay at 3-70?

@FraVit93 Thank you for your time and help~

He’s more than okay at 3/70 for almost all titans you can fight during a very long time.

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@Ziel05 Oh okay awesome, thank you for all your help. :smile:

Hey! What are the troops for? I can’t figure out what they do! I have 34

There you can find some information about troops.
In 4 words, troops get your heroes better, increase health, attack, defence, etc. Once you get to level, where you can convert one of your building to troop, you will be able to level the best ones by feeding others, like heroes

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