Team advice (red/blue 4*/5* help!)

Hello all,

First time poster, long time reader.

Need some assistance with my team or suggestions.

Currently i am running:
Purple - Rigard
Yellow - Leonidas
Green - Lianna

The above are pretty solid in my main team for sure but I want some advice on the other 2…

Red i dont have any 5 stars… which one would be best for the above?
Colen - was thinking colen for an all attack and burn?
Boldtusk - i know boldtusk is great as a buffer but will that be too much healing with rigard in the party as well?

Sonya - probably use her because i like her dispel.
Aegir but i dont think hes going to slide in very well…

would any other 4 star blue be better than sonya?

BT - great tank, 48% attack buff and heals. What is not to like?

Sonya - fast hitter that debuffs

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