Advice on leveling

Having just completed my base and my 3rd 4* team, I could really use advice on next steps for leveling. Please help me figure out who to level next and what teams I should make?


5 Damascus Blades
18 Farsight scopes
10 tonics
22 rings
20 darts
11 tabards
11 tomes


Available Heroes

My thoughts

  • Use a blade on Perseus (not Arthur) and max level
  • Max level: Marjana, Sartana, Ariel, Zeline
  • Bring to 3/70: Mother, Lianna, Deliliah

What are your thoughts?

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My thoughts are that you have a RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME roster. Wow. Iā€™d leave Perseus at 3/70 forever personally with that roster. Arthur over him easily.

This is really about you showing off right? :wink:

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No, I have been very unlucky with Damascus blades as well as with Ice heroes. I ran TC20 for 6 months no luck on an Ice hero. During that tome I only drew 1 DB. This has me feeling very cautious about how I would use those DB I do have. My main team does not have a fully ascended Ice yet. I am looking for advice.

Zimkitha, Zeline, Delilah, Arthur, Ariel

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