Advice on Ascending Ice

Left to right, my primary defense and offense team is:

Tarlak | Drake | Ares | King Arthur | Hel

All are 4/80, except King Arthur who is 3/70. I also have a Perseus and Aegir at 3/70. I only have 3 Damascus blades. I have a Grimm 4/70. I haven’t seen a Damascus blade since October-ish. I have no other ice 4* or 5* snipers.

Question 1: Should I ascend Perseus or King Arthur? or wait even longer for a Magni or some such sniper?

Questions 2: Do you have suggestions on the order of my heroes?

As a side note, I have Vivica, Marjana, Elena, Mushy at 3/70. Also, amongst others, an Onatel at 1/1. I’m almost done leveling my 3rd 4* team fully.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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