Just pulled White Rabbit. Who will get the darts?

Hi All

I need some help from you guys. I was levelling Uraeus and the White Rabbit just came out of the box.
Now I’m not sure who get the precious darts, Rabbit or the Cobra. Or wait for even better heros like Odin/Thor, S4. Jackal and Joon makes a deadly combo. Or maybe switch to Rabbit/Joon ( fast mana ) and Jackal/Malosi (very fast mana ) combos.

It depends on emblems, if you have have emblems for Rabbit max him, if you have emblems for Uraeus max him first

If you have/don’t have emblems for both Uraeus is probably better choice beacause of current minion meta but both are really good heroes and both are worth maxing (Gazelle to, she is awesome for offence/titans)

Wabbit since you lack area dmg and he is also your only yellow def down for titans

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Im an absolute fan of Gazelle, its a whole other experience with her, so i would may her unless you have Miki. But if you only want to max uraeus or Rabbit, i would suggest the rabbit.


I’ve a maxed Miki so Gazelle and Ranvir don’t see much action. Gazelle is more usefull in raid than Ranvir but I like fast heroes. I think go with the Rabbit.

Rabbit or Gazelle. They’re both strong offensive heroes. Either one you win. Congrats on having 2 great 5* Event heroes

Rabbit easy choice for yellow defense down on titans. Rare for yellow.

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The Wabbit - titans, wars, events, raids, time keeping…

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