2nd eve or 2nd elk or just wait

Have enough AM now for another green 5* should it be a 2nd eve 1st is +7 or another elk first is +11 or just hold on to to mats for something new

Maybe this

Maybe this… do have Liana or Kadilen?

Not this :blush:


I don’t think a 2nd one of either of those heroes is going to help your roster as much as waiting. I know that’s the harder choice, but I’d wait until you have 12 tonics before adding a dupe. Then, if nothing else has presented itself - Eve #2.


I’d love to have kaid or lianna after 2 years there the only 2 nature left i need

I’d wait. Elk is not worth maxing two copies. Eve might be, but it won’t really add much.

Yea with season 3 may be worth the wait they seem like stronger heros at least the few i have already anyway

Absolutely wait. I know it’s hard when you don’t have a full complement of 5’s…but you will regret using the mats when you pull a much stronger 5 green on the next pull after using the mats.

I have a pretty deep roster of 5* so far 9 maxed and on was on fence about joon or viv til i pulled malosi so waiting shouldnt be that hard i dont guess lol

In my honest opinion, I would seriously wait to see if you get a better 5 star green.
If you don’t - then from your list maybe I would do a duplicate Eve for war teams
Good luck

I maxed two Evelyn’s and they are totally worthwhile. Extra dispellers are great for war. That being said, I waited til I had 12 tonics before doing the 2nd. I’m still waiting for Lianna or Elk to pair with them.

Надо повышать, как только потратишь все предметы для перерождения игра даст тебе сильную пятерку :slight_smile:

I’d wait for sure. Having 2 isn’t a big upgrade with either and when you get that next green 5, you’ll be kicking yourself.

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That really depends on how many tonics have and if you really need a 2nd of the two Vs boredom?
If I were to choose it would be Eve, but i say wait theres some pretty good Hero’s coming out soon enough.

Second Evelyn is gonna be much more usefull

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