Advice on defense/offense team & my box

Everyone wants to be competitive ; no exception with me I have 15 maxed 3s & closing in on my first 4 maxed rainbow team. I tried to follow the forum advice but you know how that goes.
I plan to do a 10x pull this next event hoping for Wu or a couple of the feature characters.
I have SH19, TC17 (going to 19 before I do SH20) & 2 TC11
I haven’t been blessed with Wu so looking for some decent 4* team with what i have.
As you can see I’ve been blessed with the dup bug though.
All comments are appreciated THANKS
Ps this account is a week under 4 month still learning

You’ve got a many good heroes in several colors. There are a few gaps that would be nice to fill. Bu on the whole, looking reasonable.

What are you wanting? Defense advice? Good combo options for raids/war? Titan advice?

Yes all of the above just a different look from the teams I have been using on offense and looking for the best defense to increase my cups

Try this. It’s pretty unorthodox, but likely to cause people trouble:


Here’s my rationale:

You’re somewhat short on fast snipers in your lineup. Killing the enemy quickly isn’t in the cards for your defense. So, instead, you need to work on delaying and denying and cutting them down to size.

The core is three average mana heroes, placed where they are going to get enough tiles to fire.

  • Kashh will keep the core alive, and makes red a rough color to attack with
  • Proteus’ DOT will tick off about 1/3 the health of the attackers he hits, and mana lock them, which is tough to cope with. 60% chance he locks 3 targets. And his slash attack is nasty strong.
  • Grimm hits hard and applies a defense down that will make both Scarlett and all slash attacks hit very hard.

The corners are fast mana, so will probably fire at least once. They continue the dent and degrade theme.

  • Chao hits like a limp rag, but the mana cut hurts, especially on top of Proteus.

  • Scarlett’s attack down is really annoying, since it makes Kashh even harder to kill. If Grimm fires before her, she will also do a fearsome amount of damage to the center target of her splash. Her slash attack hits really hard, too.

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Offense is a much harder question, because you really want to mould your offense to the character of the defense.

The team I been playing is


I guess I was kinda close just my placement was off

BT isn’t a crazy option, but I’d want a fast mana sniper for the corner like Triton instead of Grimm. 10 tiles of mana is an eternity in the corner for an attacker. It’s a long time for a healer too, but more liveable.

Triton has the knock-on benefit that he boosts healing, which makes the core even harder to crack, since his buff is very likely to overlap the HOT.

If I were in Platinum, I’d probabaly take green attacking your defense, and include Caedmon and Melendor for dispelling. That’s why I opted for Kashh being the only buffer. It minimizes the value of bringing dispellers.

If you had Caedmon and Sonya/Triton leveled, then Triton/BT/Kashh/Scarlett/Caedmon might be interesting. Kashh flanked by red is actually really unpleasant in cases where he fires.

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Yeah I was hoping for Wu Kong, Caedmon, Colen, & or feature characters from the next event

So now I have an idea of which way to go will be finishing Triton & Scarlett asap while hoping for something I want from the next event if not hope TC20 is good to me sooner then later

Thanks for the advice

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