Can anyone help me with my defense?

I’ve been in the game for almost two years, but I’ve never had luck with invocations and events. So these are my heroes. What defense would you recommend?

Id say these ones:


Mag Viv Oba Posey Marja



The big downside is two fighters to share emblems. I’m just thinking of how I would attack this team. I find Poseidon to be a real pain with fast mana, and once he gets shielded from Magni he’ll probably get two hits in. Elena-Marjana would make it hard to stack green against Magni.

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I will try what they tell me. To see which one suits me best.

I like it. But why would they go like this? Wouldn’t it be very easy to have 3 slow ahead?

I have tried and more at war for the violet central, but it has gone very wrong

I have gone wrong with Magni from central, but I will try with that formation

I think that your Horghall is the only one with a good chance to last long enough to cast twice, with a maxed mana troop and his costume bonus he would become average speed (even if this would take time to have), Vivica and Isarnia could become winning conditions with Obakan and Marjana having the job to finish the opponents as last heroes standing.

Obakan could counterattack while Marjana would have a chance to avoid direct special’s damage.

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I wouldn’t place Isarnia as a right flank. If she and Horghall are charged up at the same turn, you want her to fire before him.

I’d run Marjana-Isarnia-Horghall-Poseidon-Obakan.
This team lacks a healer but it relies on destroying the attacker with specials.

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No healers and AoE attacks screams to be cheesed with riposte and healers tough.


Hmm too many slow heroes, as you have marjana, elena wont be part of your team. Posi over vivica, she’s anyway terrible in def.

In general slow heroes are acceptable in tank nowhere else but MN or Albi of course.

You have costumed horgall so he is designed to tank.

Then you should try something like Domi- Magni- costumed Horgall- Posi- Marj.

Horgall can save time thanks to his debuff to let your fast heroes have a shot.

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As far as I can see (you are f2p, aren’t you?), you have only one viable option: Obakan, Poseidon, Horgall, Magni and Marjana.

For your understanding now… The order of the colours should always be like purple near yellow, or green to protect blue, or blue to protect red and so on… If a purple combo does double damage to your yellow, automatically will deal only half damage to your nearby purple. If the opponent brings lots of reds against your green, automatically they will be weak against your blue flank and so on…

Between purple and yellow, you choose as flank the most lethal and the best special skill, useful for your line-up, therefore the right order is Obakan, Poseidon. Horgall is your only tank right now. Much sturdier than Isarnia (I experimented with both last year). Besides, this allows you to use Magni, a great flank of this game. And is like I said, blue protected by green. As for your wing, Marjana is one of the best wings in the game, once talented. Because she is a rogue. And a wing is taken out mostly with specials, not tiles. This is the reason. Besides, being a rogue, it is mandatory for her path to choose only atk patk. And this makes her really lethal.

The only issue with this line-up, is the fact your both flanks are fighter. But as I said many times before, it is a mistake for a player to focus only on a single hero with the emblems. You have 6 attacks at war. More balanced teams means stronger teams. Or you have a tournament where yellow is not allowed, but your Magni would help you a lot…

I do not have Poseidon, but I will post in a minute what I did with my Kingston and Magni. Instead to have a powerful sniper, now I have two powerful snipers, which doubles my eventual successful wars and tournaments.

L.E. So, these are my legendary fighters. I would’ve stopped with Poseidon at +7, if I were you:


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