Advice on Ameonna


I pulled Ameonna along with Proteus yesterday and have been feeding Proteus like mad since then. I thought Ameonna was pretty useless until I started reading the boards and checking out some youtube videos with her in action and I have a question after seeing a couple of raids with her as the star; how would a raid team featuring Ameonna, Rigard, Proteus, Hansel and Alberich work out? I still have a long way to go in leveling Proteus and Ameonna but it sounds interesting.


I’d probably ascend Ameonna since I too prioritize Titans, but she’s in line after Panther and maybe Cheshire Cat assuming I don’t pull a Tiburtus in which case Cheshire Cat can crouch in a corner come Christmas.

Alliteration ftw.


She just save me for the second war in a row… and on this occasion it is even better…

So Ameonna was left with 1 HP, I hastily use her skill.

First Ghost Turn:
After matching another purple tiles, Tiburtus is ready to fire but his HP is in critical condition… then the enemy attacked the ghost twice with slash attack :rofl: Tiburtus fire at Khagan and Sonya followed by ghost powered pupple tiles and Khagan die. However, enemy Tiburtus also fire and kill my BT (Ameonna survive the splash due to being ghost), my Tiburtus also die from slash attack…

Second Ghost Turn:
I was left with ghost Ameonna (1 hp) vs Sonya & Tiburtus… Red tiles kill Tiburtus.

Third Ghost Turn:
I thought I wouldn’t win it as there were no purple tiles in front of Sonya… in desperate attempt I match random tiles in front of her, she is charged and fire her special at the ghost :joy:

Fourth Ghost Turn:
Matched another tiles in front of Sonya, the replacement turn out to be purple tiles… :scream: The ghost turn ended with purple tiles ready to be matched in front of weakened Sonya :smiling_imp:


Has anyone maxed out more than one, and tested like 3 or 5 of them at once? Wouldn’t that be OP if you could get them all off at once?


@Pois1 have 5 and tried it on defense, of course she is not made for defending. I don’t know about more than 1 in offense, maybe @Pois1 can answer that.


Offense is NO PROBLEMO!
Check this out:

They don’t need Wu Kong. They’re deadly on their own!!!


Fun lol. Thats alot of trap tools. How is this 5 squad on titans?


I’m going to to give a unique opinion I think. On my alt. team I have Rigard, Proteus, Tibertus and Ameonna all leveled. I usually run 3/2 in raids and 3 strong color against titans. I almost NEVER use Tibertus since I got Ameonna fully levled. Her tile damage is insane in a purple stack. She’s my only 4 or 5* sorcerer, so she’s emblemed up to 12 right now, and her attack is 816 - Better than any of the fully ascended 5 stars on my team. Her defense/health are poor, but the ghost mode is really useful at keeping her alive. When in ghost mode, EACH tile is worth 1485 - for reference, when Tiburtus fires his special the damage to the primary target is 1881. when you figure you usually are sending 3 or more tiles - her damage for a regular hit in Ghost mode is as good or better than the damage from Tibertus special. And his defense/health isn’t a whole lot better than hers.

She’s great on offense, but I wouldn’t think of using her on a defense team.


So far I was able to do hits of some 25-30K on regular basis with four maxed Ameonnas vs. 11* titans.
Concerning it is an all 4* team, no Wu and no other buffs, it is a huge number.
It is not my best offensive purple team and the girls are extremely vulnerable when in normal state.
It is fun to play them though and I will keep trying because I haven’t really got a big combo yet.