Ameonna or Proteus?

I got both , i feel Proteus is more useful … what do you think guys ?

Nobrainer Protheus. He is just super good, Hel in small

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Proteus with out question

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Is Proteus worth ascending to the top tier?

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Proteus is basically mini-Hel - if you want a good hero for raiding, he’s a great choice to take all the way.


I was rising Ameonna when I got Proteus and I have swiched to Proteus. From 2000+ cups, you get to find Proteus in defense groups as he is a timely support if you don’t have enough 5* heroes. As for Ameonna, no one uses her at the level in raids.

Tx for the answer … I did 2 Proteus already !!

I’ve no idea how Ameonna is useful. Her special does not attack or anything. She just sits there until you tile her to death or hit her with specials

If you feel like shooting yourself in the foot don’t ascend or level Proteus at all


Sounds like ascending Mok-Arr as your first purple 5*. :wink:

Ascending Proteus over Ameonna is a solid choice.

Amoenna is good for titans. Nice tile damage and a good buff for more tile damage. Not useful anywhere else.

Ameonna has the highest tile attack of any 4* and a lot of 5 * hero’s. So she is useful in a purple stack giving you that extra tile damage…that’s where she’s useful


Also Proteus special is amazing for events, especially the final with 3 bosses!

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Feed Ameona to Proteus so the temptation will be gone forever.


I kept both but I power leveled the heck out of Proteus. Mana stop is a very good ability to have.

Never pulled Ameona but I emblemed one Proteus +16 and just maxed a second. At 767-613-1255 he’s more durable than his base of 707-595-1079 and can really tip things in your favor.
Hoping to start using them together for some events soon. He’s been one of my top dogs for months in the mid-high Platinum range.

I’ve pulled Ameonna and Proteus on my first Atlantis summon on April this year. Proteus is now 4.70 and in the meantime I got an second Proteus that is now on 4.36. But Ameonna is still on 1.31.
But before I take care of her, my tiburtus is still waiting to be leveled. And I guess it will take a while before I go on with her. For me it´s clear…Proteus is definitely ahead of every Ameonna. :expressionless:

Whahahaa for 30 char

Did you mean Amoenna or Proteus 6 ? :rofl:

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Ameonna has been really useful on my scores versus yellow titans. I got her recently.

Proteus is the reason I can complete most events to completion in Epic & Legendary, and rock at other things. He was the first Atlantis hero I got.

Ameonna has a place, but not ahead of your first Proteus.