Santa or GM ? Or both ? Defense raid advices

Hello guyz,

Coming here to get your thoughts about my raid defense.

There is my actual def :

It’s actually working pretty well.

Tho, I got GM 2 weeks ago & now I’m wondering how to insert him in my defense. I mean, as my tank is red, I can’t just put him on 5th spot instead of Leo. Always bad to double tank color…

Sooooo… How could I manage this ?

There is an idea… But I’d like to know yours.

I’ll wait GM to be 80 before to put him. He’ll also get skill lvl 4 (I mean emblems)

Thanks for your ideas !

Edit : I know, the best is to try & I will. Just coming to get some new ideas :slight_smile:

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I would keep Santa Claus as tank, better if with another 5-target AoE attacker next to him.

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Thank you for your answer but you have to compose with those 5 heroes ! :smiley:

Your first team would be the best to me (Alice - Evelyn - Santa Claus - Magni - Leonidas)


Meh, this is my actual one but would be too sad not to play GM if I have him I think ._. Way too strong heroes !

It’s a high class problem, when you don’t really need GM in your defense

Why so concerned anyway? I’d be very surprised if that didn’t keep you in diamond, it’s a great defense. Isn’t that al the defense is really for? Make it too nasty and you’ll have less revenge opportunities as people will reroll…

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Eve Santa Alice Gravey Leo


I would keep your current D. I have Grave with emblems and he doesn’t make much difference. If I had Santa, I’d bench Grave in a second!

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GM is mentioned as top 3 hero in WHOLE game. Santa is not. GM all day every day


Go to the top 10 alliances in our game. You give me a quarter for every GM you see and I will give you a dollar for every Santa. You will need my address to send me the money.


Who punishes a bad board worse ?! GM hands down, Santa is a beast but generally you have more chance to take him down and recovering after he fires opposed to GM. GM punishes and if he fires at least once or twice he has done his job.

I use GM as tank/flank and keeps me up there in trophies.

A case to be made in wars tho, Santa can be a royal pain.

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I personally would throw Leo out and replace him with GM for your team 1.

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My actual team does keep me in diamond. Every morning at 2 550 trophies. So I know that it’s a decent defense. But, sounds crazy to me not to play GM in def, when you have him :frowning: I mean, GM is way better than Leo, individually.

I could try this. But Magni is really good at 2 & 4th spot. When I pulled him out, my results went down !

This is, also to me, the best idea. But you know that it’s often a bad thing to play 2 heroes of the same color, when one of them is your tank… :frowning:

Anyway, thanks to you all for your answers. Glad to see that you seem to be shared, just like me…


Sometimes I play 2 color defense. It still holds me around 2500-2600. It just depends on what combination you put.


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