Advice for my Heroes

I finally feel like i have enough heroes to get some legit advice. The usual questions: what heroes should i use for defense/offense/raids/war/upgrade next…any advice is welcome of course. Thanks! (Currently upgrading Thorne)


Kingston -> Alice -> Khagan -> Domitia -> Joon

Main ones I would be wanting to switch out of there is Khagan. When levelled I would consider something like:
Kingston -> Domitia -> Mitsuko -> Joon -> Alice
or can just straight swap Mitsuko into the first defence I suggested.

Future levelling:

I would personally expand your 4* depth before worrying too much on more 5* heroes… You look pretty light in those areas.

4* -> FALCON & WILBUR then Sumle
5* -> Mitsuko

4* -> Hansel & Brynhild then Buddy
5* -> Mother North (very well liked by most players)

4* -> Sonya & Grimm then Triton
5* -> Fenrir

4* -> Guardian Jackal & Mist then Lady Woolerton
5* -> Vivica

4* -> Proteus & Tiburtus then probably a second Rigard
5* -> Clarissa

I would also look at getting some 3* depth in other colours other than red. You have some good options including Nordri, Costume Gunnar, Bjorn, Guardian Bat, Kvasir, Pixie, Chick Jr, Shrubbear, Melia, Gill-Ra, Bane & Bane Costume etc…


Thanks for the advice! And you are right, im top heavy. I need to work on 4 * and 3 * heroes.

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