Advice for how to set up 5* team

Hi all! I’m new to the Forum. I have four 60 5* heroes. I have Kuchen (7/8 slow), Frida (6/8 average), Elkanen (7/8 fast), Azlar (8/8 slow), and Justice (6/8 slow). I have the AM to ascend Frida and Elkanen. I’m thinking about waiting to see if I get the HOTM or another 5* Green to use the AM on Elk. I also have a 50 Domitia (4/8) and can ascend her (but thinking I may save the AM for Kuchen).

Does anyone have advice for how to arrange these heroes as far as tank, flanks, and wings? I’ve looked at different forum posts, but I haven’t found anyone with my specific team (or even a somewhat similar one). And are there any heroes I shouldn’t waste AM on?

UPDATE: Let me know if it would be helpful to add screenshots of each hero.

Basicly maxed 4* are almost always better than 5* on 3^70.
Kunchen and Frida are awesome you shoukd max them. I don’t like Azlar but he have very good opinions, gaving him mats its good idea too. Justice is also good hero but I think you shouldn’t leveling her now. She isn’t perfect and you don’t want so many slow 5*. Wait for better green 5*, Elk isn’t good hero, don’t sspend mats on him. If you will add all hero roster (4* and 5*) you can get better tips. Use Kunchen as a tank and Frida on left flank.


You have a lot of 5* heroes. I think screenshots would be helpful. It might not even be in your best interest to max 5*'s right now. I remember I maxed a team as fast as I could and had absolutely no maxed 4*. You can max two 4* heroes with the same effort to max a 5* and a deep bench will always serve you better.

Give me a few to grab current screenshots

EDIT: Never mind. That’s what’s current aside from the top row being all 60 now.

Are the ones above extremely dated? You said you had 60 5* heroes.

I wouldn’t worry about 5* right now. I would focus on getting some heroes maxed to increase titan damage and your ability to complete all rare quests. 10 maxed 4* is better than 5 maxed 5*. Diversity and color stacking :slight_smile:

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Ha! No. I could see why my phrasing was confusing. I have four level 60 (once ascended) 5* heroes, and a level 28 (once ascended) hero–I forgot I ascended Domitia. I wish I had 60. :laughing:

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Believe me, so do I! Hah! Anyway, I would max Proteus if I were you. He is really useful at completing events and rare quests, etc… I think you should prioritize being able to complete all rare quests and maximizing titan damage so you can stock up on ascension materials. 5*'s can wait. I know it stinks, I am in the same boat. I wanna max Ariel, but I have a shallow 4* roster and need to fix that first. You’re better off having more maxed heroes than a handful of maxed 5*'s. You have some great 4*'s: Grim, Kiril, Proteus, Boldtusk. I’d take care of them first :slight_smile:


Okay. Thanks for the advice! :slight_smile:

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You have some great 5*'s, too. Kunchen is amazing. I just know that for awhile, I had only a team of maxed 5*'s and nothing else… I do a lot more with 4*'s. They will be important to you for a long, long time. Watching Youtube videos of people color stacking can really help. It shows how damage stacks against titans and enemy tanks, etc…

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At these levels they’ll be okay, maybe hold you at gold raiding tier which is what you want minimum so you can get recruits from raids.

Azlar | Frida | Kunchen | Justice | Elkanen

That’s what I’d do for now.

But what you should focus on first is getting a few 3* heroes maxed (around 2 of each color) so that they can help you out in the rare quests. Then focus on your 4*s, and then your 5*s

Those rare quests that show up every 10 days or so will be a guaranteed source of the rare ascension materials, which you need for 4* and 5* to ascend. Since the 3* don’t need any of them and they’re quick to level, they make the most difference early on (particularly when you stack colors).

And the 4*s are strong enough to beat the last levels with minimal trouble of the rare quests which is where you get the ascension items for the 5*s (3*s can beat them, but it’s rough).


Thanks! Appreciate you taking the time to answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

Like @DaveCozy said start with 2 3* in every colour, they will be helpful in evets and wars for long time.
Nashgar, Hawkmoon
Valen, Gato (but Gunnar is also big hero, maxing him is good decision too)
Brienne, Belith (Berden, Mnesseus are very good too)
Bane, Melia (GanJu, Kailani)
Baltazzar, Chochin

You don’t have yellow 4* so taking Justice to 3^70 can be good idea



would do well for now, exactly in that order. I wouldn’t tank Kunchen without a second healer on the left. He’s a good tank, but really devastating on the far left. Elk is meh, but a tank will die anyway…

Level up Proteus and all your healers first. After that go for those, which you use the most.


I have Danzaburo and Wu Kong now. Are either worth maxing over getting Justice to 3^70? I’m about to update with new roster post-Atlantis.

Screenshots including new heroes post-Atlantis event.

Both are gambling heroes playstyle… Wu Kong is good for Titan. Danzaburo is also has a good stats.
Just finish Justice to 2.60, and start leveling Wu.


Like @jinbatsu said
20 bla bla


Keep max 2 of each. There are only 4 or 5 heroes in the whole game worth having more than 2.

Mostly 1 will also be enough.

You can eat a GillRa, a Mnesseus and a Skittleskull without regrets.


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