Advice for building depth

So I’ve finally replenished my stock of fine gloves, and I’m in pretty OK shape on elemental mats, so I need to decide soon who I’m going to be leveling going forward. For context, if anyone didn’t know, I’m F2P, and I have all of the classic 4-stars on my roster, with at least one copy maxed, unless noted. I’m mainly looking to improve in war depth, tournament performance, and class trials, in that order.

I plan to do pulls a few different places this month in hopes of landing a miracle Telluria pull, but I’m not really counting on having any new non-classic heroes until I can hopefully pull some of the Sand Empire crew this summer. With all that said, anyone have insight on what to level next in each color, given the situations below?

Notable heroes: Azlar 4^80, Boldtusk +20, Gormek +20, Wilbur +14
Possibilities for leveling: Marjana 1^1, Khagan 3^70, Elena 3^70 (soon), Sumitomo 1^1, Boldtusk 1^1
Thinking: My current thought is to finish taking Elena to 3^70, then take Marjana to 4^80, as she seems a cut above the rest. I have enough rings for two legendaries, but I’ll be short on hidden blades for the second one. Marjana would replace Kelile 4^70 in my rogue teams, but will not get emblems, which are currently going to Domitia +13. Seems like I still see her a lot in diamond raiding, and I need a good third option when I need to go 3-2 red. Only hesitations are a) possibility of drawing Elena’s costume (I’m doing 10 costume pulls this month, and she will be featured); and b) slightly less depth in ranger class, plus Khagan is red against mostly green enemies in ranger trials. My mono red titan team is already pretty strong with Boldtusk, Wilbur, Scarlett, Colen, and Azlar.

Notable heroes: Thorne 4^80, Vela 4^46, Sonya +20, Kiril +20, Boril +19
Possibilities for leveling: Kiril 3^60, Sonya 3^60, Boril 3^something, Vela 1^1, Thorne 1^1
Thinking: Obviously, I’m finishing Vela first, so I have a bit on this one. Based on how much I use him, I’m thinking second Kiril next, but that could change if I draw a Sonya costume this month. Not really seeing a need for two Borils; I was leveling him because I had nothing else until I pulled Vela. Speaking of, I’m using Vela everywhere, and I’m not totally averse to leveling another one. I have plenty of capes, but only two scopes. Also, my TC20s could spit out a Magni, Isarnia, or Richard any day and change the calculus. Blue mono titan team is my strongest, with Kiril, Grimm, Vela, Sonya, and Thorne.

Notable heroes: Melendor +20, Caedmon +13, Buddy +13, Little John +15, Melendor 4^70, Caedmon 4^70
Possibilities for leveling: Kashrek 3^60 (first copy), Gobbler 3^60 (soon), Little John 3^60
Thinking: Yep, I’m hard up for green projects. No legendary in this color, which sucks. Hoping TC20 will spit out any legendary green, even Groot. RNG has been extra generous with sturdy shields, and I also have 12 tonics (like it matters at present). Melendor costume would be a welcome pull. Green mono titan team is pretty bad, with Brienne, Melendor, Buddy, Caedmon, and Little John. Yes, Brienne usually survives. My alliance only ever gets up to four-star titans.

Notable heroes: Onatel +6, Poseidon +5, Li Xiu +20, Danzaburo 4^70
Possibilities for leveling: Vivica 3^70, Ranvir 2^60, Leonidas 3^70, Wu Kong 3^60, Hu Tao 3^60 (soon)
Thinking: Since I prefer to run two healers most of the time, I think Vivica is next in line for darts. My monk depth is terrible, and Leonidas really shows up well in class trials, even at 3^70, so I haven’t fully ruled him out. I currently have 4 sets of darts, so without an RNG miracle, that decision is a couple of months out, anyway. Until then, my options are taking Ranvir to 3^70, taking Wu Kong to 4^80, and taking Hu Tao to 4^80. I had Ranvir before Wu Kong, so when I needed that mechanic against titans, he has been my go-to. (Again, my alliance only ever gets up to four-star titans.) I think I prefer Ranvir to Wu Kong because of his fast mana and sniper special, but Wu could probably start getting emblems when I finish Wilbur, since my only other monk option that can take emblems right now is Bane. Hu Tao seems to have some usefulness in fast raid tournaments; is he really that useless everywhere else? My fighter stable is quite strong, so I doubt he makes a trial team regardless. Mono yellow titan team is Onatel, Poseidon, Li Xiu, Leonidas, and Ranvir, so it could use some help.

Notable heroes: Domitia +13, Rigard +20, Sabina +20, Tiburtus +20, Ameonna +18, Cyprian +7, Sartana 4^20-something
Possibilities for leveling: Rigard 3^60, Domitia 1^1, Sartana 1^1, Rigard 3^20-something
Thinking: I can put this one off the longest, as I obviously plan to finish Sartana first. After that, I think I’m just going to level a bunch of Rigards. Cleanse is a powerful skill, and if I draw his costume, it helps my ranger depth, too. Not sure whether to max the 3^60 when I finish Sartana or take a second one to the mat wall first and see what else comes along. I’d really like to move on to Gafar after Sartana, but RNG will have its say in that. I just used all my tabards on Sartana, so if I start another Domitia or Sartana, they’ve got a long wait ahead. Purple Titan team is in good shape with Tiburtus, Sabina, Ameonna, Sartana, and Domitia.

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So lotttssss of text so hopefully I am not missing anything…

Hint for next time, maybe use either screenshots or this tool cause it can show not just “notable” heroes but all levelled ones which give an even better frame of reference.
I built a tool for tracking your profile's progress and sharing it with other people (for feedback or advice))


I would take Marjana to 3-70 then play with her & Elena before making a final decision as to who to ascend to max.

I personally had Elena maxed long before costumes and used her almost every day. I still use her every green titan cause of the colossal attack stat she has & she has a solid place on my red raiding team… for reference I have Marjana at 3-70 & 2-60 with no regrets.

I would avoid doing much with Khagan beyond MAYBE 3-70 until you got nothing better to do with rings that are in excess. Sumitomo is also a pretty meh 4* hero in the end… would level a second Kelile over him personally.


Agreed to finish Vela.
Next I would probably do a second Sonya as you will quite possibly draw the Sonya costume in a 10x costume summons. Besides, dual dispellers is handy for wars & tournaments.
Then the second Kiril would indeed be warranted…

Agreed that a second boril doesnt have much use EXCEPT in a tournament where you might dual-flank borils on another tank…


I personally would probably do a second LJ over any of your other options…

Kashhrek is a mid-game tank & you’ve kinda gone beyond that point now… He’s not got any real use outside a defence team tank so… :man_shrugging:

After that Gobbler would be my next one… odd choice i know but with the coming age of Minion Makers he could be pretty handy… Plus he has a pretty insane attack stat so can deal some hefty tile damage.


Personally I would probably take Wu Kong to 4-70 before taking Ranvir up… Main reason being that he’s cheaper to get there.
Ranvir has a use but personally I prefer Wu Kong over Ranvir for several reasons (outlined in the link below).

After Wu I would probably agree to take Vivica to max, especially if you draw her costume. As you said, Leo is a solid 5* sniper… not the best but solid.

Link to a previous analysis of the Titan Damage Boosters & who’s the best:


Obviously finish off the Sartana you’re working on.
Second sartana to 3-70 is still very useful (mine has been there for a while cause I got some newer shinier heroes)…

Otherwise a second Rigard will be awesome, particularly for wars… I know someone who has like 6 of him maxed… It becomes even better if you draw his costume next month!

Hope that helped/ solidified some of your thinking…


Indeed. Thanks for slogging through it to give great advice. A little surprised that you feel Elena vs. Marjana is closer than I thought (and you prefer Elena), but Elena was definitely in the long term plan either way, so I’ll take that advice. Good point on Wu also. Those are the highlights of the advice for me, but it’s all good.

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Guv, between Elena and Azlar, who would you pick?

@Noble_Weasel I don’t really have anything to add, you seem to have figured everything out already. However, I would really consider leveling (pulling for) Nordri and +20 him asap. He’ll be great for rare tournaments and even epic tournaments, given you don’t have G. Falcon; I think a team of Grimm, Kiril, Nordri+20 (and ideally two more grimms) could be just as good as the current red tournament team or close to it.

Tough… I’d say its a bit of a toss-up ultimately…

I would probably go with Elena in the end because:

  1. She has the higher attack stat (809 vs. 793)
  2. She has a costume already so you can make her even more awesome
  3. Counter-attack is pretty boss & useful in offence, especially if you can pair it with a taunter (BK, QoH or Shrubbear)

No doubt I’ll be hoping for Nordri. Those element-down folks have eluded me so far, but that is one that seems accessible, and against the little titans we fight, he should survive just fine. Also in raid tourneys, paired with costumed Gunnar, Valen, Gato, and Ulmer, and challenge events, as you mention. Only problem is I don’t want to blow through too many Valhalla coins before all the heroes are released, but I may do 2-3 pulls in March on the off chance of landing Telluria.

Saved all my challenge coins since they became a thing to pull for Falcon and Jackal last Guardians, but I struck out. Saving them all again for next Guardians. Those are definitely priorities.

I know you didn’t ask me, and I obviously don’t have Elena maxed yet, but I agree with Guv that it should be a close call. I have a natural affinity for Azlar, but Elena does have several advantages worthy of consideration. On a side note, Azlar’s special is what a slow mana special should be. Some of the other heroes that have slow mana just don’t stack up, imo.


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