Just want to hear others opinions

I finally got some more 5* and I’m leveling them currently but I’m not sure if my def team idea is best out of these and which hero should I focus on after I finish Alfrike

I was planning to make this team as my main def for now

Here are other options:

I have mats for all these heroes so don’t worry about that

Looks like Glenda is already maxed so is it between Bai and Isarnia?

Depends on your whole roster as neither would be better than what you currently have in defense.

Bai is great for stopping the opponent hitting you and also reducing healing, though it’s a short two turn ailment.

Isarnia is really good for defense down but slow. IMO her normal version is more useful than costumed so if you have her normal version finished already then i’d deffo go for Bai.

Just noticed you may have meant Poseidion so it’d be between him and Bai. i’d probably edge Poseidon as he does great damage as a sniper and gives a few bonuses

I just have to say that the best defense is a rainbow with working synergy and proper placement to take into account the AI imo.

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