Help With Titans


I have a fairly powerful team, but I am failing to score well in titan battle. What I can figure out, is others with weaker teams score almost double what I do. It is extremely frustrating. Any tips or guidance would be great.


What team do you use?
Do you use mana potions to power up hero specials?
Do you use items like dragon/bear banner?
Are you activly going for the titan sweet-spot for stuns?


First, thank you for replying!
I use bear banners and boldtusk. Average around 12k. But guild members with weaker 3 star heroes scoring 18k


It would help to know all of your team. To see heros, troops and their level. Mabye post a screenshot?

Also what kind of titans you are fighting? 1*, 2*, 3* etc.
What color do they have?


It depends on so many different things.

Firstly, never underestimate a fully developed 3* team. I see so many players make the mistake of changing their fully ascended and leveled 3* against a nooby 4* or 5*. You need to level them up before you can swap.

Secondly, always go for the weak spot. Helps you stay alive.

Third, do everything faster. You only have 90 seconds on the clock - make them count.

Lastly, it’s all random and based on luck. The weaker team members may just be lucky with combos they get and it is really easy to get a sick damage run in if you are really lucky with the board and combos.


It also helps on your team composition. Some cards work better against Titans than others. Cards that hit whole team with lower power is not recommended. It is better to use single target skills. Also having mana potions to get your attack boosting skills helps out as well. Not to mention getting lucky with gems.


Which heroes and spells work best on which titans or does it not matter?
Thank you in advance


Damage on titans follows the same logic as for monsters and heros. (Look at the colors and arrows in the top left corner when doing map quests)

As far as spells goes. Direct single target damage spells and armor debuffs seem to do the trick :slight_smile:


If you need any visual help, you can watch @Jaz9999 and aibretty here. They have multiple videos to select from.



awesome thank you for the intell


Can anyone help me.?how to improve the results in the fight against titan 6 * 7 * 8 *
That my heroes.




Today I have 7 * violet


Sartana over rigard for titan. Start next ascension for her


Violet heroes for violet tytan? Ares:, ponurak:sarthana:hu tao: kasherek, for fight You mean?


Her special should make up for lessened tiles. I was lookinng at your current lineup thpugh. If you’re looking for tile bonus add musashi over rigard


I play three months and I look for different ways, average results.
Thanks for help


This is my first chat in English a little bit hard, How l will find You in the future?


I creep around forums often.


Just Help my with chat if You find time:wink:thanks for evrything and good luck