A little holy help please?

I’ve been pulling and hoping for just the right holy 5* to add to my roster. I haven’t pulled the ones I really wanted. Here’s my maxed 4* and 5*

These are my choices. I have 12 darts and want to pick one of these. Thanks in advance for your opinions.

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Do Joon, even better if you get his costume.
Neith is one of my biggest regrets.
Don’t lvl Justice unless your alliance runs holy tanks and even then Poseiden might be better.
Leo is meh, he’s sitting 3/70 but I think he’s going to be fed to HA.


You summed up my thoughts with that reply.


And li’s costume.


Thanks I never use her and forgot about that costume. I’ll do it first thing.

Try a 4/1 Ranvir or Wu with Justice Neith Li Xu.

But yeah, Joon, although I expect Leo with costume bonuses will be a beast someday.

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I usually use her non costumed… but don’t pass up the bonus :slight_smile:

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