Holy heroes lacking, what to do

ok i have a maxed out wu and a maxed out chao ,hu tao and bane other than that my holy is thin. i pulled a justice about a week ago and she is at 1.20 , but i do have neith at 2.7 right now. i guess my question is is neith the way to go since i have her ascended more, i have enough 5 star heroes for a rainbow team as EVELYN IS FULLY ASCENDE, GRAVEMAKER IS AT 3,70 , SHESHAT 3. 70 Isarna is my only 5 star blue and these 2 five star holys. i really need a five star healer but i do have a few good 4 star healers already maxed.

I love Neith and find her fun to play with, but in your case I’d probably max Justice. Justice is a serviceable tank and you already have 2 other rangers in your first five. You could push both to 3-70 and see what comes about.

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