Hero help for high level player who can't decide

Here are my ascended hero’s and hero’s I can ascend. Gravemaker, Marijana, Kuchen, Sartana, Deliah, Aegir, Frida and Zeline are ascended. I have the materials to ascend either Joon or Drake as well who would you ascend any why? Who would your defense team be and why? Thank everyone :slight_smile:

Just so I understand u can ascend all of the first list and then either Joon or Drake, or one from the big list plus either Joon or Drake? Also can u lemme know who else is on ur current defense so I can kinda get a picture of it. Thanks.

All of the ones on the first list are ascended, Joon and Drake aren’t, but one can be. Current Defense is Zeline, Aegir, Deliah, Gravemaker and Sartana in that order. I also have to decide who gets class emblems. Gravemaker has barbarian, Zeline wizard, Kuchen cleric, Deliah fighter ,all other’s are undecided.

Thanks. That was a perfect summation. I might have to go with Drake. Here’s my thoughts on why for defense and offense he’s a better pick. Side note. I love Joon. I have him and he’s great. But I would trade for Drake if I could.
So Firstly with Delilah that’s a strong elemental link that will sure well. Also Drakes special is not limited to a single hero. Joons is and having an offensive hero like that to bolster a defense team I always look for broader hits over individual. Just my opinion. I love ur line up by the way. Side note. Frida has one of the better links too. I have her along side Athena and WOW!

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I have Drake and he gets all my monk emblems, because he is one of the most versatile heroes in the game. There is nothing wrong with Joon… until you compare him to Drake :slight_smile:

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Drake for defense any day.

My Joon is still at 3/70.

Potential defense team:

Zeline - GM - Kunchen - Drake - Frida

With Kunchen tank, you can focus on the hit-3 heroes while Zeline will always dispel all your opponent’s buffs.

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I honestly love Drake and think many people under-rate him.

Best yellow.

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Drake Fong is a better defending hero than Joon.
I would run this defense. So many things could go wrong for attackers…


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So you would recommend Kuchen as tank over Aegir? And I should spend emblems on Aegir not Frida?

An Aegir tank Is exploitable without Aeron or Zimkitha flanking him and you could want him stronger if you want him in your defense :slight_smile:

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Frida does also well in stacks @3.70.
So Aegir as healbuffing flank to sustain when Kunchen died seems to be very nice

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Thanks guys. Defense side of the tree or offense for Aegir?

Defense obviously :wink:


Take the path which adds lifepoints to strengthen the shared damage and his healing ability.

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Thank,can you switch back and forth on sides of the grid after you hit the middle special? In other words could you do middle, left, middle, right or are they stuck with the left side or right side once your choose

Yes, you’ll be able to decide after each crossing.

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Defense > Health > Attack

While he could regain hp back with damage he would always get some hp back with his elemental link :slight_smile: