Aeron or Rigard and other Heros

I was just wondering if I should take Rigard to 4.70 or Aeron to 3.70. I only have the mats to do one or the other. My current line is BT 4.70, Sonya 4.68, Zeline 3.45, Boomer 4.70, and Chao 4.70. Rigard is at 3.60 and Aeron is at 1.48. I’m also working on lv. up Gormek and then Kelile or a second BT or Gormek. After Sonya probably Grimm but I also have Boril, Kiril, Richard, and Thorne. After Zeline is at 3.70, I will be working on taking my second Zeline from 2.50 to 2 60 and then probably Caedmon but I also have a Skittleskull. I only have 3* yellows until I get the mats to ascend Delilah to 3.0. Any suggestion on what route I should take? I feel like I’m on track but not sure what to do about dark. I also have Sabina un leveled but I can’t imagine her at that level could take priority. I really need another 4* for events. Gormek is almost there but I know I need a variety. Them again some higher ups in my alliance is suggesting Aeron over Rigard. Thanks in advance Love this forum.

I would do Rigard first …he’s an excellent healer…then wait till you can bring Aeron to 4/


Sound advice, I wager.

In general bringing a 5* to 3/70 and having to stop there isn’t worth it on your main/def team. You’re generally better off with a 4* at 4/70.

And once you’ve gathered the mats to bring a dark 5* to 4/80, then look at what you’ve gotten by then. You might be levelling another dark 5* instead.


Do you have 6 tabards? Or are you close? If so, then it’s a debate, if not, then Rigard - he’s fantastic.

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I have Rigard 4/70 and Aeron 3/70 and I use Rigard whenever I double purple. I only use Aeron only when I triple purple. So clearly go with Rigard imo.


@sleeperZ96BT I only have three tabards. Thx everyone for the advise. I was thinking Rigard my self for the events alone. I have only had four four stars and 1 five star so he should help me out a little bit. What do you guys think about the rest? The only mats I have enough of is purple and Rigard will get those. I have 4 scopes but I can’t imagine skipping over Grimm. Thought please?

Rigard and Grimm for sure are worth ascending. Two key cogs in a solid 4* team.

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First priority is a solid maxed 4 star team, I’d say. Once you’ve got that settled, expand to the 5 stars if you can. By then you’ll probably have gathered the ascension mats for at least one of those. Sure this’ll take time. Time is your friend. Ascension mats come in over time, not overnight.


You can skip second Gormek and Skittleskull - that’s for sure.
A good healer like Rigard will be very useful (much better than Aeron 3.70).
Grimm is better than Sonya.
You have too many good heroes :slight_smile:

No he hasn’t. Once he finds out what doubling/tripling the strong color will do to titans, he’ll want even more good heroes. :wink:


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