Must I level up Richard?

Recently I have level up to 4/11 Ariel, because I’m thinking to maximize muy attack team that I’m building up:
Kingstone (2/30) - Ariel (4/11) - Elena (3/58) - Victor (1/28) - Joon (2/15)

I know I must level up quickly these heroes but I was thinking about maximize Richard (3/68)because I have enough telescopes to do it, but…do I wait for other blue 5* (I dont have any yet) or It would be useful leveling up Richard for my teams.

I’d recommend finishing Ariel first. Then see if you want to do Richard

Richard is cool, but if you summon a lot, you may receive sth better.

But I’d recommend ascending whatever you have to stay competitive. That’s the way to receive more material. The next hero possibly will come slower than the mats.

I wouldn’t rush to maximize any more 5 stars if you haven’t fleshed out the remaining bench of your roster. (But if you’ve got depth for wars, titans & challenge events then that’s a different story)

A lot of players fall into the 5* trap and want to level/max all their shiny legendary heroes quickly because they think that’s the best/right way to play the game. But due to the Ascension material bottle neck, you may go from having plenty of telescopes to not having enough for a future hero you want to level and that may make you more frustrated.


Ariel is one of the best heroes in the game.

Richard is a solid mid-quality hero.

Finish Ariel.

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Also, Richard with 8/8 skill at 3/70 is still quite useful if you’re facing war teams with mainly A 4/5* mix of defenders. He doesn’t quite hit as hard but his stun does just as well.

So afterAriel is complete (or taken to 4/50 which I’d recommend unless you’re going to emblem her); I’d start working on getting Rich to 3/70

Seems like you don’t have any maxed 5* if this is your work in progress.

If so, then max Ariel since you got her tier4 but then I’d work and max your 4* heroes first.

Based on your average hero levels.

Just max Ariel and build more 4* heroes.
Spending too many resources for just a few 5* heroes is not worth it.

In the bench I have Sonia (+10), BT(+11), Alby (+4) and Wilbur (+11)
Quintus (4/65) and I stopped Kiril (4/65), Wu (4/40), Tiburtus (4/40), Suitomo (4/42), Liu (4/60) and Leonidas (3/70).

That’s why I was focusing on Ariel.

:thinking: it would be nice to finish off those 4​:star:s, then Ariel, then any 5​:star: in its last tiers. Too many work in progress creates confusions, take them one at a time if you have maxed their specials and finish each quickly. So I suggest finish Kiril…then Wu… Tib…Li…Sumo…Ariel…Quint…

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