4* heroes or 5’s noob

Been scavenging the forums. Have a more specific question though. I just started ~ 30 days ago. Pulled Richard & Aegir. Richard first so I have him currently at 3-25. I won’t have the mats to ascend him for a long time. When I hit 70 do I focus on my 4* Blues? Or do I start Aegir? Have Grim, Sonya & Tritan. I also have Caedmon & am working on him now so Sonya’s dispel not as important.

Thank you in advance

Do not scrounge forums for advice on how a month old player should level his 5s. Unless you plan on spending alot with a very real chance of disappointment, look at player guides and the e&p wiki.

You have some very good heros there! Congratulations on some great pulls.

This may not be what you want to hear but you are still very early in the game and I would not build 5* heros at this point. Keep 4/5*’s on your bench and build 2 rainbow 3* teams.

  1. They are the easiest/fastest to level while costing minimal materials.

  2. It takes a significant amount of feeders and ham not to mention ascension materials for a 4 or 5* hero. Many make the mistake of trying to finish a powerful 5* hero too early and are often left frustrated.

  3. You will need 3* heros to complete the Rare level in events.

After you build your solid bench of 3*, your stronghold is further developed and you are able to move on to developing your 4* bench. Again, build at least 2 rainbow teams. By this time you will likely have the needed AM’s for them and storing the needed rare materials for a 5*. Then begin to work on your 5’s.

This strategy will provide you depth needed to continually progress your game without as much frustration due to lack of materials. You will hit that wall and will need to advance in Titans and Raid level to increase your AM drops.

I believe most of this is covered in much more detail in the player guides, I HIGHLY suggest you read @Coppersky guide. It contains invaluable guidance for newer players.

Good Luck! :blush:


You started for 30 days so you definitely dont have the mats for 5* heroes.
Concentrate solely on a solid 4* team preferably rainbow for the first team.

Through a glance at your roster:

Sartana is still workable at 3/70 if you not going for high trophies. She is one of the best purple 5*.


I agree with dawnsky that you should focus your attention on lower level heroes but I personally skipped the 3* because I spent quite a bit of money so I’ve built up my 4* roster fairly quickly. I have 16 maxed 4* with 3 of each color but 4 reds. Anyways the moral of the story is that more is better. If you want to be helpful to your team in wars you need multiple teams to compete. If you want to hit the titan nicely you need to stack the strong color and that means you need options. If you want to win offensive raids frequently you need options. By the time you level a simgle 5* hero you could’ve built a team or two of lower level heroes. An 4* heroes will do for all aspects of the game. You’ll have no trouble competing any quests or winning any raids with a solid line up of 4*.


Thanks all. Will leave the 5’s on the back burner for now. Appreciate the insight


I agree with Sweg as well, if you don’t have a problem spending focus on your 4*. I would work Wilbur, Wu and Bold Tusk ASAP

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Congrats on the heroes!

I agree with the comments on focusing on 4* before 5*, because of ascension materials.

When it comes to leveling heroes, some prefer to feed same color feeders to a hero, because it gives more xp than off color feeders. It means you would level 5 heroes in parallel, but the overall feeding cost is lower.

If you want to level a single hero to max quickly, then feeding all colors gives shorter leveling time.

Early in the game, you might consider same color feeding.


There is a lot to consider when selecting which heroes to level. I think that it might be worth mentioning that Proteus can be very very helpful completing quests and events that provide guaranteed ascension materials. He works best in combination with revival scrolls and mana potions. He can shut down all three final bosses special attacks. I missed a lot of mats early game because I couldn’t finish rare quests.


I 2nd Proteus, he will get even a underdeveloped 4* team through 5th lvl on quests with some mana boost, I’d get him up first, and wu of course for titans.

I’m done working on 3*, really no chance to finish in the top 10 on rare level events, and below that the loot is worthless for ascension mats.


I agree, you should focus solely on your 4* for now until you get a few different choices in each color going, and once you get close to having enough mats to fully ascend a 5*, then you could start work on some of them. For your 4*, I’d keep going with Wu, he’ll be nice for events and titans. Blue I’d finish Richard since you already started but then I’d get Grimm going first, then Triton. Purple I would definitely start on Proteus, mana control is awesome, then Rigard for the cleanse. Green, finish Caedmon then maybe Melendor for the heal. Red, Wilbur will be a great help, then BT for the heal and buff, but since you started with Kelile I’d finish her at 60 before you start Wilbur.


You all are awesome! Thank you :pray:

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