5* Green - Who is worth the tonics - Part 2

Similar to my Ice request, just got my 6th tonic and am debating on who to ascend to 4/80. My options are:

  • Bertila
  • C. Liana
  • C. Kadilen

My current 4/80 nature heroes are: Telly, Atomos, Elkanen & Evelyn. So, really just looking to add depth for war.


C. Kadilen, without a shadow of a doubt. The only S1 hero that really makes a difference in top defenses…


If it’s for war attack then C. Lianna – still one of the top snipers.

I vote for C Lianna too. She will pair nicely with Evelyn.

Unless you want to replace Telly with C Kad for tank.

I’d also lean towards whoever you can put more emblems on.

While I like C-Kad better, Lianna will suit you better on titans and stacking a green team.


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