5* help needed...AGAIN?!?!?

I recently collected 18 more (actually by accident) from TC20 x 3. I got Richard and Justice as my 5*s. Currently I have Mitsuko, Joon, Domitia, and Magni all maxed with emblems. I also have every classic 4 and some S2 4*s.
Along with the maxed heros I also have Khagan 3.50, Elena 2.28, Vivica 3.50, Obakan 1.1. Now I have Richard and Justice. After I finish leveling Proteus I want to work on the 5*s. Given the lineup I have and the hero’s I just pulled are any of them other than Vivica(currently I use Melendor at 4.70+16) worth taking to 4.80? I will take them to 3.70 as they are useful in war but mats are scarce so I really don’t want to waste them.
I am hoping for a green 5*, hopefully Lianna (or Tarlak, Atomos or Kingston if I get lucky). I run 3 TC20 and have 10 training in each after the collection.
I have 3 Damascus blades currently so I don’t want to just max someone that I won’t use. I know Justice can be harsh as well as Elena if they manage to go off. Vivica I assume is worth taking to max before Justice but I am open to suggestions.
Thanks for any input.
I was C2P but recently moved to F2P so TC20 is my main source of heros with the occasional pull from Atlantic once I collect coins but I am done all the normal levels and all but the final one on hard so that is another 500 coins for 5 pulls. I
War, raids, and titans are all things I do and currently I can beat the enemy levels and the events on all difficulties so again I don’t want a hero to max just to sit on the bench.

If you’re not hurting for orbs and shields, I’d take them both to 3.70 and see how they fit your playstyle.

They’re both semi-common in low diamond defense teams, so are quality heroes.

Orbs are for yellow 4* and Shields are for green 4*. I assume you meant take Viv and Justice to 3.70?Thanks. I know Vivica is used in low diamond though she is being replaced by Kunchen, Ariel and others.

Between her and Justice I would think that since I have Joon and no 5* healer that I should give darts to Viv first. Any input?

As for Richard, I already have Magni and he is great. I can see a use for Richard but I am not sure if he is worth taking to 4.80. If I got Isarnia I think she might be the better choice though I am open for opinions. I know Thorne is generally considered the worst of all blues as well as one of, if not the worst classic 5*s. So would I be better waiting for Isarnia (unless I get a lucky Atlantis pull of Ariel).?

Again any input is helpful. I am hopeful that Richard and Justice might get a buff like v20 did for others which made the 5*s I got very useful against the newer heros. I know the costumes are going to change their stats and skills but they are a while off and I will have to pull and level the specific costume so I am not counting on that.

Yeah, I meant orbs and capes. I’d use 4 of each of them to take Justice and Richard to 3.70 to see how they play before deciding whether or not to ascend them.

I’d also bring Viv to 3.70 and play her for awhile. Her heal is perfectly functional at 3.70.

The answers you’re seeking depend a lot on:

Do you have mats? How many?
What other heros do you have, both maxed and unmaxed?

How would these heros fit your team?

Are you F2P?

As an example, most people would say Quintus sucks and mats on him would be a waste. In my F2P account tho, he came from TC20. I had 12 tabards and plenty of traps tools, no other Dark 5* and mostly weak 4*s. So I ascended him knowing I had the mats should another appear.

Same story with Elkanen. Not a great hero in the grand scheme, but still a big help to my team and I’m still sitting on 13 tonics.

As far as bringing 5* heros to 3/70, especially if you don’t intend to max them, I’m not a big fan. You’ll be stronger with a roster of 4/70 4* heros.

Of the heros you list Vivica is IMHO easily the best and definitely worth the mats (I just ascended her myself). The others, well, se my thoughts above.

Thanks for the reply. I did list most of the things you ask about. I am currently F2P after months of C2P. I listed my 5* and stated that I have all the classic 4s plus a few Atlantis heros.

I appreciate the reply. Maybe I should have listed the info in bullet form. Either way, I appreciate the reply.

I would max Vivica, or at least get her to 3.70 and then decide.

True she’s not Kunchen or Ariel, but still a 5s healer, which is rare and gives depth to your roster.

I am in a similar situation, I have a 3.70 Leonidas and her at 1.1, but I think I will fully ascend her, even if Leonidas intrigues me. My only other yellow 5s is a maxed Poseidon.

Richard: he’s still quite used in defense, although there are plenty of good blue 5s… that means something, I guess. But I agree with you, I’d rather wait for Isarnia or another good blue 5s.
I have him too (a lucky single pull with a hero token given by a titan) but first I want to fully ascend Aegir, just missing a telescope. Then I’ll see, as I have also Rumplestitkin and a 2nd King Arthur… I don’t exclude it will be Richard but I still have to think about it.

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As F2P Vivica is your healing option unless you are very lucky with another pull. Nice to be extremely lucky but bad to assume you will be.

You almost have Vivica at 3-70 so bring her there and see how you feel about her, you may decide that Rigard with emblems suits you better (very tough and has cleanse as well but at average mana). You already have Melendor with a load of talents so you aren’t in desperate need of Vivica as you stand.

IF you already have enough 4* heroes to field six solid war teams and finish (most) of the Class Trials then the 5* are worth focusing on.

Keep an eye out on the mana speed of your heroes, you will find yourself dying on bad boards if you have too many slow mana heroes. You mentioned Vivica, Elena, Justice, Khagan and wanting Isarnia, all powerful but slow heroes.

With Magni and Joon you have two excellent fast snipers and Domitia is no slouch. I don’t have the stats to say whether Richard or Justice makes a better tank, in Diamond people are prepared for Guin so Holy tanks have it rough. Richard at average mana with an attack debuffer may serve you better…Khagan can be a rough tank if the boards don’t go your way and he is noticeably better post-buff.

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Thanks for the reply. It is great to have Vivica as the only classic 5* healer though she is slow. I love the Snipers of Magni, Joon and Domitia(who hits nearly as hard as Magni and with her shield, debuff and evade with emblems she is a great alternative until Sartana shows up). Mitsuko has let me stay in diamond around 2600 with her at tank. Melendor is great but he is 300 hp lower than the others making him a 1 shot for LIanna and other strong snipers.

I also agree with the mana issue. The slow hero’s can devistate IF they go off but if they don’t they are useless. Khagan was going to get maxed until I literally pulled Mitsuko the same day I was ready to give him rings…LOL. It was a choice between him and Elena and he seemed better after the buff from v20.

Obakan is still sittting at 1.1 as well despite being fast he was usually easy to beat in raids but he would be useful in war like all hero’s to expand the bench. But Proteus is before him and Rigard is next so he will be on my 5* B team for a while.