5* Green assistance

My question is regarding Zeline or Kadilen with costume who would be better to bring to 4th tier, both sitting @3:70. I’m looking for who would be most useful mainly for war depth. My current maxed 5* are Kingston+7, Telluria+19, Lianna+7, Tarlak and MN. I also have Zocc, the Hatter and Elkanen sitting at 3:70. Thank you in advance

Costumed Kadilen. Emblem her attack path if she ain’t going to be your tank.


Thank you I was leaning toward Kadilen but wanted a second opinion

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Zeline is good. But costumed Kadilen has better stats and pretty decent dodging skills. However, point of consideration is also the availability of emblems.

Emblems are scarce, I can only bring either of them to +4

Kad. Far more annoying as heroes go.

I agree with costume Kad. Without the costume I’d say Zeline all the way because then Kad is a minor irritant. With the costume she’s a pain in the posterior.

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Zeline is great, a few would outshine her… Unfortunately for yours, C Kadilen is one of the few.

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C-kad or Fogg for the final step?

C-Kadilen for sure. I love my Zeline and use her all the time but Kad is on another level.

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