4th tier 5 star ice

I am asking for a little guidance. I finally have the accession items needed to raise up a 5 star ice for the fourth tier. I am not sure if I should raise Persius or Thorne. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Dont make foolishness, keep your materials and wait for another blue 5* or until they’ll worthy.

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Wait. Magni and Isarnia are available from TC20 and regular Epic Summon, Arthur will be available from the Avalon event summon next month, and even Richard, although meh, is better than Thorne.

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I just made a similar topic. Would you say Richard is worth the scopes?

In all honesty, I would wait until after Avalon. If you’re able to pull Arthur, you’ll regret giving the scopes to Richard. If you don’t get lucky with Arthur, Richard will be serviceable enough for a while


Thanks for the replies. I think I’ll wait until after Avalon to see what I can pull.