Can Fully Ascend a Rainbow 4* Team...But Who?


+I have patiently gathered and now have everything I need for ONE of each color to go 4/70.
+I almost have SH20, therefore TC20, & I’m willing to wait for the right 4* heroes.
+I do have some 3/60 4*'s, and the only one who can’t be gotten from a TC is Merlin.

I’m looking for which lineup, fully-leveled right now, would be best for taking on raiding runs & finishing the map in hopes of Season 2, since full ascension can make a big difference, even in 4* heroes!

As I said, I’ll wait for the right heroes if I don’t have them already, since due to the amazing advice on here, within my Alliance I’m always top 10+ on Titans (Brienne + Valen + 3x color) & top 3+ in AW (bench depth), so I’m not hurting my Alliance in holding out for the best.

Any advice, even contradictory, is more than welcomed. :smile:

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You might get some long drawn out answers, and probably need/should anyway. It’s not an easy question to answer as you’re basically asking, “if I could ONLY have 5…” I’m not an expert, but I do love my raids and have several heroes to play with. My personal experience, if I have to pick 5:

  • Rigard (Purple) He will heal your heroes and he’s pretty tanky fully ascended

  • Boldtusk (Red) Yes, he’s also a healer but his attacking buff can give you that little extra you need from time to time. Plus a combination of him and Rigard is just thumbs up

  • Caedmon (Green) He’s strong and hits hard at the same time he debuffs. So I guess you can say he’s the compliment to Rigard. Fast mana too.

  • Grimm (Blue) Another must-have in my book. Also hits pretty hard and he’s very resilient as well. But most importantly he weakens their defense, just enough for you to unleash your attack after you’ve encreased your attack with Boldtusks buff.

  • Chao/Wu Kong (Yellow) Honestly, I could go either way. I like Chao because of his fast mana and is also a very resilient hero. Plus, he decreases the opponents mana, which can be a life saver sometimes. And Wu, well, he takes a bit getting used to and knowing how to use him correctly. Specially when you’re starting out, I should know. I would choose Wu now that I’m more comfortable using him, but Chao is probably a safer bet.

There you have it, my two cents… Good luck and happy raiding… :muscle:


Holy moly, how quickly did you get to SH20? Took me just short of 6 months and when I got my TC20 I was sitting on two fully ascended 4* teams + some more. I feel you should have a lot more items than just one team worth.

Anyways, I agree with @Wormwood except no doubt yellow should be Wu. You will still be using Wu, Boldtusk, Grimm, & Caed even when you’ve got a 5* rainbow team. For Titans and when you want to sub in a strong color on raids.

Between Merlin and Rigard this is the toughest choice for me. Merlin is strongest when you are raid attacking. The special control should not be underestimated. But it isn’t as effective when he’s on your raid defense. The AI isn’t strategic enough. Rigard is better on defense but gives your team a whole different feeling when you use him on offense. Can’t go wrong with one or the other, just personal preference there. (But once you finish one, level the other. You want both.)


I took a screenshot so I can pull the info up later! Thank you for the detailed reply, @Wormwood! :slight_smile:

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I’ve been playing about 4 months, but have had to deal with fielding weaker teams than many of my peers, so I’m not as advanced (ie: just recently got strong enough to complete the next-to-last level on the Rare Quests using only minor mana potions).

I have no complaints, since I’m succeeding comfortably in the team-based things, but I want to get past 21’s outpost level & also be able to achieve & hold at least that 1200-cups mark at this point.

Thank you for the input! I have those both purples at 3/60, so I’ll have to make a decision at some point soon. :grinning:

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I think you should ascend from whoever you have now. You will get more items by the time you draw them.

Assuming you have every 4*, I think you need to get at least one attack buffer, one defense rebuffed and wu Kong.

Boldtusk, Grimm, sabina (this would be ideal)
Kiril, gormek, sabina
Kiril, Tibertus, Scarlett
Boldtusk, Tibertus, Grimm

Yellow: wu Kong
Green: melendor

This setup will give you the highest tile damage for titan attacks. Raid defense would be fine with any of these combos. Boldtusk and kiril are both fine tanks and these teams will keep you comfortably high in cups so that you fight teams you can beat.

Raid attack should not be done with this team…you will want to consider bringing 3^60 heroes with the proper counter skills (e.g. bring caedmon, sonya or melendor if you are fighting kashrek or boril). Also, bring two of the same color strong to the enemy tank.

For example, if you see boldtusk, bring kiril and Grimm (3^60 if that’s what you have) and drop melendor. If you are fighting kashrek, bring boldtusk and Scarlett and drop the blue hero. Same thing as you are probably doing for titans.

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Lol You just named my main team! Just with Yellow I use Joon. I just got Wu so I only just hit L3 with him.

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2 names for each color, all first choice go togheter, same for seconds:

  • Fire: Boldtusk. / Scarlett
  • Ice: Grimm. / Kiril
  • Nature: LittleJohn / Caedmon
  • Holy - Wu kong. / Wu kong :grin:
  • Dark - Sabina. / Tiburtus

All first and second column has a buffer/debuffer/dispeller/huge tiles damage assets.

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Little John for raids !!!? :scream:

What would be your game plan when getting hit (dealing with) by Colen, Kashrek, Kelile, Little John, Tao, etc, etc… and using this line-up…?

Of my 4*'s that I have…I only have 1 you mentioned: Kiril! :rofl:

That’s why I figured I needed to wait to ascend. Since materials are so slow to come, my logic is it’s best to ascend the strongest team I can right off, instead of “wasting” them on heroes who aren’t considered first-string 4’s.

Great food for thought, Elpis! But of those, I have Kiril, so I’ll have to wait, it looks like…which is what I’d figured would happen, but that’s okay. I’m patient. :smile:

Oh man, I was under the impression you had many heroes waiting. Please please do not handicap your progression to wait for the “best” heroes. By doing so you are severely limiting your chances to aquire the same ascension materials you are so carefully hoarding. No matter what hero you choose, bringing them into 4th tier ASAP allows you to complete all rare quests getting a rare 3* and 4* item (these happen a couple times a month), allows you to complete the intermediate AND advanced challenge events (another 3-5 or so rare 3* materials monthly), and SEVERELY limiting you on Titan damage and decreasing your odds of ascension items. Titans should be the biggest source of ascension items.

I cannot emphasize more how you are doing yourself a disservice to wait any longer. Use them and more will come even quicker.

:sunglasses: okay then. Let’s change this up.
What heroes do you have? (screenshot please) let’s make you the best possible team that can complete in everything I mentioned above.

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@2Spookd…Here’s everything I’ve got, listed by power, except for my current defense team, of course. :smile:

Thank you for the offer, by the way! It’ll be interesting to see what you come up with!

If you can ascend one of each color 4*, I’d suggest your entire team #1 EXCEPT Cyprian. For purple, would rather have Rigard or Merlin. Kashrek should work well as your center hero.

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You have a great selection of levelled 3* btw! :+1:

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Kash? Hmm…I was avoiding him b/c most of the comments I’ve looked through are pretty negative…have to think about it again!

And the 3*'s are because of the AW warnings to have as many as possible, as leveled as possible. I’m always feeding another one!

Yeah, some might not like the lizard guy, but he can be a real pain to face against in raids.

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Nice to know, @havok333! :grin:

I love helping those that humble themselves and seek it.

For the most part you have your team already selected for you due to what the game gave you. But I’ll help outline the reasons these are still great choices.

Kiril- Like we’ve mentioned in here already, he’s one of those blue 4* you use for a long time. He is well rounded and does his job well for all aspects of the game.
Kelile- Sturdy with a great fast special. She’s a baby Marjana who’s a fantastic 5*. You need a few direct damage dealers to round out a team.
Kashhrek- He will be the impenetrable wall for your defense team. He’s not as versatile as Caed but as he’s your only 4* green, the rest of my choices are based on him as your center tank. (When you do eventually get a Caed, LJ, or Skittle, you can sub out Kashhrek when you need more oomph on green tiles.) But he’s sturdy as hell and his heal is always welcome.
Merlin- This is a top tier raid and Titan 4* purple. His special is not only fun, but will save your butt so many times stopping a special on a Titan, raid, quest & event. I choose him over Rigard because of you already having Kiril and Kashrek. A few direct damage dealers are needed to round a team.
Chao- Fast mana control and direct damage. Here is your 2nd mana weapon to have more fun with. You get to decide what hero’s special you get to prolong. He’s another direct damage dealer that your team needs. I edge him over Li Xiu because of Li’s average Mana. Too many average heroes can slow you down and with how defensive your team already is, Chao’s fast special wins it for me.

Overall you’ve got a very sturdy team mixed in with strategic specials. Events and challenges may not be the fastest, but you will complete everything this game throws at you, including the advanced tier which is made for 5*. It’ll still be difficult but with the right items you’ll take home more ascension items month after month.
My advice to you would be to outlast your opponent on raids. Target their healers with Merlin, Chao, & Kelile first and you’ll come out victorious more often than not.

Heroes to search for- Choose your 2nd team more strategically when ascending.
An armor debuffer. Grimm, Gormek, Tibertus. Every Titan team needs one and you want one of each in the future. As long as the Titan isn’t green, subbing in Valen for a weak color isn’t a bad choice. But not better than Kiril.

A dispeller- You want a Sonya, Caed, Sabina or Melandor. They sub in easy and help you in all manner of situations.

Boldtusk & Wu- Staples to Titan teams and events. Boldtusk does the same job as Kiril but Boldtusk does the attack part better. You want to swap the two depending on who’s stronger in the situation. Wukong is the Holy Grail of titan damage and is on my team every single Titan (even yellow) and event.

I’m sure I’m repeating what’s already been said in this thread a few times (Probably even what I said)… But there you have it! :rofl: and I’m sorry if I came on too strong in my last post. I’m all hyped up from this energy drink. I’m here to help and if you need future help, you can ask me direct questions on the Line App. My ID: 2spookd


I also wanted help you with this thought process further, you are correct in this way of thinking for 5*. You can have 2 full 4* teams before you get the materials to finish a 5*. You can be more stingy here but alas, sometimes 5* are so hard to come by you have to weigh whether it is worth to wait and prolong your advancement.

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