I really need help with my team!

Looking for advice on building teams and bettering what I have. I’ve only been playing about a week, and was told to use Friar Tuck instead of Sharan, who I had been using. FT only heals partial team though, and I’d like to do better. Suggestions on what to do with this bunch as far as getting a whole team healer, and what order these guys should be in? Who should I feed to whom? TIA!! Screenshot_20181125-123419

For now, keep everything of 3* or higher, and any 2* that you’ve already started to level. Don’t level any 2* any more, but keep them until you have 30 heroes of 2* or better. Then, as you get higher * heroes, feed away your 2*
1* are food.

To start with, you won’t have the resources to fully level your 4*, so park them on your bench for a while. Work on your 3* first.

Feed one hero of each color at a time, using same color 1* feeders.

Start with Valen, Balthazar, Bane, Tuck, and Colen. If you draw a 3* red, you can park Colen and work on them first. If not, Colen will serve you well. He’s just expensive to level

Keep and level the following 3* heroes:

Any Event or Atlantis 3*

Red: Hawkmoon (healer), Nashgar (sniper with DoT) and Azar (mana control sniper)

Blue: Valen (sniper with defense debuff), Gunnar (defense buff), Ulmer (AoE with defense debuff)

Green: Belith (healer/dispeller), Berden (sniper), Brienne (attack buff)

Purple: Balthazar (sniper), Tyrum (sniper with dispel), Balthazar again

Yellow: Bane (sniper with attack debuff), Gan Ju (sniper with mana control), Kailani (defense buff)

Keep your other 3* but don’t level them unless you don’t have any on the above list. Once you’ve got 30 better heroes, they’ll be food

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Thank you @NPNKY . How do I get a better healer than Friar Tuck though?

Your best bet is to get your training camps leveled up. At level 10, you have a chance to train 3* heroes. At 12, you can train guaranteed 3* and at 13, you can train 3* with a small chance of a 4* hero.

If you want to use gems for summons, your best bet would be either green or purple elemental summons. Green gives you a shot at Belith and Melendor, purple gives you a chance for Rigard or Sabina

In the meantime, you can craft healing potions in your forge

Thank you again!! :slight_smile:

You can also occasionally get 3* heroes from your free daily summons, but they’re pretty rare from there

@NPNKY I’ve bought 3 heros with gems. I’d love to be able to wiggle my nose and get an awesome healer with one more buy, but I don’t win at the casino very often, so I’m not gonna bet on it :laughing:

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That’s a smart way to look at it. Early on in the game, summoning gives you a good chance of improving your hero roster. As you progress and have a bigger assortment of heroes, the chance of getting someone you don’t have gets smaller

I caved. I bought the “epic offer”. Now I have heroes I don’t know what to do with. Help on who to keep, who to feed, what teams they should be on?

@NPNKY I would really appreciate your help on this. I’ve wanted to get rid of Friar Tuck since he isn’t a whole team healer, but how to change him since it would mess up the rainbow?

You have both Boldtusk and Hawkmoon, who are whole team healers, and very good ones. I’d work on BT first since he gives you an attack buff. You may not have the materials to max him yet, but get him to 3/60, then max Hawk. Nashgar after that for reds

By color, max the following, in this order:

Red: BT, Hawk, Nashgar, Rudolph, Colen to 3/60
Blue: Ulmer, Valen, Agwe to 3/60 unless you get a better 4* blue first
Green: Isshtak until you get a better green (Belith, Berden, Brienne, or any 4* or better)
Yellow: Bane
Purple: Balthazar

The others can sit on your bench until you have 30 better heroes, then be fed away.

For your defense team, use Boldtusk as your tank. Put Balthazar in the left corner and Ulmer on the left flank. Bane on the right flank and Isshtak in the right corner.

@NPNKY you are AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for you’re help!!!

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