3* Challenge event team

I’m improving my challenge event team, focusing on 4/1 strong red (I’m lazy to run mono, assuming I’ll need to retry often since I didn’t get a good enough board).

Option #1: Level Bauchan:

(+24% mana buff + reduce some mana to bosses)

Option #2: Level Ei-Dunn

(hits 3 target for reasonable damage, -24% slower mana debuff)

Option #3: Level another Namahage

(Yet another good sniper, sakura bonus will shave a tile only at 4, to my calculation [Edit: not relevant; need 4 different family hereos])

I’ll be interested understand why you think this combination is more useful than another.

Thanks in advance!

Do multiple Namahage really trigger the Sakura bonus? I thought it was only a count for a unique hero. So I thought you had to have say, a Chochin and a Namahage to count for 2. Is that not right?

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FWIW, I run mono, and I don’t use Flasks or Gem Refills and do just fine.

How high are you trying to rank?

Family Bonuses are for unique heroes, so the Sakura Mana increase isn’t really useful at all for this purpose.

I’d level Bauchan and Ei-Dunn because of Raid Tournaments anyway.

That might be enough to cover you for Challenge Events for now too then, with Hawkmoon and 2x Namahage.

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And 2 won’t be enough bonus to make a difference.

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I would recommend running Mono for better scores myself.

Hawkmoon + 3 Namahage + 3 Ei-Dunn will work well for Pirates.

If you run 4-1, make the 1 be Gunnar costumed, and then run him with 3 Namahages and Hawkmoon costume.


Didn’t know that. :+1:
Also never tried.

I quite like the idea of running Ei-Dunn and Bauchan together - it’s as close to a mana mismatch as possible (cut Vs buff)… Neither has a great attack stat, but it should do an easier job of boss levels.

Top 10K, confidently. Last time been there, but went down on the last couple of days.

I never really played mono continuously, in the few times I did the results were not very consistent - as much time can be wasted to get enough reds. Was this experience not representing?

I got him costumed. Will try that :+1:


I’ve gone for Top 1000 in every one of the revamped Rare Challenge Events now without a problem, while using mono.

It takes some replays, but not a crazy number — and having two colors is likely only going to mean you get lower scores and need even more reruns.

I think you just need to start playing with mono continuously during the Challenge Events, and you’ll get better at it, and also be positioned to take advantage when you do get a decent board.

And while you need a great board for top competition, Top 1000 (or 10000) doesn’t need an amazing board — a decent one that isn’t insanely slow is usually enough. I don’t even replay all of the Stages.


@zephyr1, do you prefer Namahage or Rudolf or Squirle Wabbit?
Hawkmoon C - 3x Rudolf - Squirle Wabbit
I have 3x Rudolf, 1x Wabbit and 1x Namahge.
And also I have Gunnar costume.

PS: sorry for hijacking this thread.

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Namahage and Sq. Wabbit are both pretty good. Rudolph is considered to be slightly worse than them, due to his skill being less powerful.

But the difference is minor and only matters if you want to make it to top 10.


OK, then that means, my optimal use:
Hawkmoon C - Wabbit - Namahage - 2x Rudolf.
Correct? And I think I do not want to levelup another namahage as I already have 3x Rudolf.

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I prefer Squire Wabbit, then Rudolph, then Namahage.

But I’m weird. (see @DaveCozy’s comment)

Most people like Namahage ahead of Rudolph at least.

I have these maxed: 2x Squire Wabbit, 2x Rudolph, 3x Namahage — and I never use the Namahages now that I have Costumed Hawkmoon.


As an alternate perspective I run:

Costume Hawkmoon + 4x Rudolf and have no issues sitting in the top 5k for rare :slight_smile:


I was working on a yellow stack, is red better for pirates?

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Red is the go-to good colour because of the good synergy that exists between the heroes…

Blue is fast contending that throne & may well overtake it with the addition of Nodri to the 3* arena.

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What would a typical blue team be? I know I see a lot of 5X Gato, but is there someone else that’s synergistic that I’m forgetting?

that sounds so easy when you say it like this @zephyr1.

i tried to reach top 1000 the last 3 events… with lots of re-runs and items… and good teams… and never made it… it seems to be simply impossible for me… maybe i’m just too slow or i don’t know… :frowning:

These are the 2 I use, depending on mobs/bosses.

Namahages do it faster in most cases, but the blues have Nordri now, and I think that will be a game-changer.

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