3* dilemma

I have quite the group of 4* and 5* so these are just for tourneys and events. Not trying to compete in events but just finish.

I am looking to keep 2-3 3* in each color but have a hard time figuring out which ones to keep.

Gunnar and Brienne I just recently got and have their costume so looking to substitute them for a couple I have as well as maybe cut 1 of each color. Here is what I have.

Tyrum 3-50 Purple 10 3-50
Balthazaar 3-50 Purple
Chocin 3-50 Purple 15
Melia 3-50 Yellow
Bane 3-50 Yellow 3-50
Gan Ju 3-50 Yellow
Pixie 3-50 Yellow
Valen 3-50 Blue
Vodnik 3-50 Blue 10
Gato 3-50 Blue
Muggy 3-50 Green 19
Belith 3-50 Green
Berden 3-50 Green
Shrubbear 3-50 Green
Rudolph 3-50 Red 10
Hawkmoon 3-50 Red
Azar 3-50 Red
Bauchan 3-50 Red
Gunnar Blue Cost
Brienne Green Cost

Any help trimming my 3* down a bit would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

You should keep all except GanJu, Muggy, Azar.

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Muggy is awesome. He gives your other heroes a second chance to attack.

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I agree with Muggy, he comes in handy quite of in the tourneys.

Gan Ju / Azar / Muggy is whom I would cut. Just so you can still 3-stack.

If you find Muggy useful, consider Berden to melt - but he will be super useful when paired with costumed Brienne so… I was excited for Muggy once, but in practice he rarely matters. To easy to die before he fires, makes him very unreliable (unless you are happy with him when he’s emblemmed, I never went that far).

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Berden was a possibility and stick with support for green as I have some other snipers.

Muggy with emblems is pretty solid and has been useful during the 3* tourneys.

I have been doing pretty good in the 3* tourneys which is kind of surprising as I am a long time player trying to learn 3*'s again as I had gotten rid of them all before wars started.

When emblems became a reward for the events I have built them back up just to get them.

it’s hard to pare them down with the different tourney rules. You want fast snipers for buff booster or no heal, and AoE for rush attack.

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I fed Muggy to others because I already got 2x Mnessues, Berden, Belith, Brienne and Shrubbear, so many for 3* green heroes.

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