What should I do with my Red feeder heroes - nothing above 3* duplicates to work on

I have once again run out of Red/Fire heroes/costumes to level, and my options are really limited. I also have duplicates of some basic 3* heroes, I don’t see a real reason to work on a second one. I rarely spend any money at all, so you can consider me C2P but close to F2P.

As it stands, I only have ever leveled up 2 duplicate heroes, and one of them (Wu Kong) was a huge mistake and waste of resources. I do have multiple heroes in the other 4 colors to work on at the moment. I don’t really think my roster matters much here, as neither of these 3* heroes is likely to see time in anything outside of events, trials, and raid tourneys.

The options as I see them are:

  • Bauchan #2
  • Namahage #2
  • Feed off color

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I expect the poll to be pretty clear as to which direction I should go, but feel free to add comments if you like.

2 Namahages work very well for challenge events but if you prefer not to stack then I’d just feed off color.


I like the idea of 2 Namahages , but leveling other heroes that will help me more is more attractive IMO.

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2 Namahages can be very useful in 3* Raid Tournaments especially those that don’t allow Ice heroes. A second Namahage could also be useful in Rare Tier Challenge events outside of Grimforest (the Red Reflect Challenge Event).

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