3.60 Malosi or Max Wookie?

I’m a bit of ways away from ascending my next yellow, but my Wu Kong will be at 3.60 by then, and Malosi at 2.60. I know leveling 5* early on is not recommended, but Malosi is one of those guys who are decent even when not fully leveled because of his special. I also know that Wu Kong is crucial on titans, and I bring him every time on a titan hunt, but my alliance is really chill, so we are likely to stay around 7*-8* titans for a while.
I am flopping between Gold and Platinum arenas (usually in Gold) but would like to get a more solid position in Platinum.
So my questions are:

  • Can 3.60 Wu King survive 9* titans?
  • Can 2.60 Malosi survive Platinum?

Eventually, I will max both, but I want to know what the next step is. For contexts, my fully ascended heroes are Mist, Grimm, Dr. Dapper. Once I get compasses, next up are Boldtusk, Caedmon or Brynhild, Sonya Costumed or Kiril (depends on choice between Caedmon and Brynhild). Then, it will be yellow.

For me, Wu was my first max 4* even though he was my 3rd 4*. He helps make PVE content so much more manageable and makes huge holes in titans. Those mattered more to me than cups (I typically drop anyway for the easy chest fills).

I’d definitely recommend Wu based on my playstyle, but I’ve got 0 HOTM, so I’ve never had to make that choice. Wu is a rockstar regardless.

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To me, Wu is like a necessary evil. I hate when he makes me miss. Had 3 in a row going to a weak spot yesterday, would be 3K-4K if at least 2 of them hit (as per 68% accuracy expected), all three miss lol. I was pissed. But in the end, he is more than worth it. I’m just wondering if his main power is in his special and not in his stats, he may be enough for 7*-9* titans at 3.60, as long as his special is at 6-8. I just used him against a purple 8* titan, and he survived all the way through. I guess I’ll see how they perform up until it’s their turn. Would be nice to score a Jackal before then.

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