Seshat no 2

I’ve finally finished leveling my first 5*, seshat

I’ve got another 6 tabards and wondering who to lvl next.

Choices are quintus, Mok arr and a 2nd seshat.

Is she gd enough to lvl a 2nd copy? Or shld I lvl one of the others? Or wait?


What does the rest of your roster look like?

Without having seen your roster: Seshat is quite good, but there are a lot of good Dark heroes out there. Given that set of heroes, it sounds like you do a bit of summoning. If that’s true, I would hold off on leveling any of those 5* Darks just yet. If you have a large set of leveled Dark 4* already, then go ahead and take Seshat #2 to 3/70 while you wait. Otherwise, no time like the present to level a Proteus, or Rigard, or Sabina, or Tiburtus, or Gafar, or Merlin, or…

If you were F2P/C2P, I might feel differently.


I hv fully levelled tib sabina proteus rigard

I do some summoning but not been very lucky.
Other 5* are Thorne marge anzogh

Ha , I am somewhat in the same predicament, already having maxed kage n seshat … then pulling 2 more seshat from eht on the last day in July. I figure personally I will just slowly get em to 3 70 and if I reach 12 tabards I can make that call. Until then I wont max another , murphys law says if u will then u will pull someone like ursena shortly after lol

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i would say yes…

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Wasting 6 tabards for the same hero is meh (except GM)

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Sesh definitely is the best dark sniper. Only Hel, Kage or a healer would be preferable. 2nd Sesh over Sarta, too.

Qintus may be leveled inside his costume, otherwise not worth.

If you’ll get Ursl, she can wait. A 2nd Sesh is as cool as Ursl will be and Sesh is the one you already have.


Tks for the replies. I guess I’ll lvl to 3/70 and see


I maxed one Seshat and another one is sitting at 3-70, waiting for one more tabard and will give her the 6 tabards for sure, she is really good.

Other than that i have aeron and kage maxed. Sartana, obakan and domitia at 1-1. And 2 more seshat 1-1, i will take 3rd seshat to 3-70 happily before choosing any other heroes i have currently.

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Glad I found this particular thread. I am in a similar dilemma except I have one maxed Kage already (love him) and have 1 Seshat at 3/70. I was planning on using my tabards on her but then miraculously landed a 2nd Kage. Hence my dilemma ( I know, good one to have). What would all of you do? Hold of on maxing Seshat and go with 2 maxed Kages or one of each? if it helps to answer, my dark bench is a deep one with maxed Panther and Khiona.

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One of the big things Seshat brings to the table is a fast dispel 3. Since you already have that in Panther, the advantage is somewhat lessened.

Seshat hits softer than Kage at the beginning of a fight, and harder at the end. Her resistance to mana cuts means that Mitsuko and Guin can’t make it take longer for her to fire.

So the question is, would you value that more, or value another Very Fast attack that hits hard early and soft late?

In my opinion, it’s like asking if you should max another Lianna. I’d max 3 Lianna and 3 Seshat if I had the mats for them :blush:

Like others said, take #2 to 3/70.
Then lvl dupe rigard or proteus.

Good luck in guardians pulls for Panther, overall I’d say she’s the rarest and probably now ahead of Guin in terms of game changing to anyone’s roster.

Also possible khiona is featured later in atlantis, she would definitely have better synergy with Seshat #1.

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I wouldnt max a 2nd Kage over a maxed seshat mate, both equally as good as eachother but having variety over duplicates is always better imo (when they are both good choices)

A good friend got two kage when he first appeared, she maxed both but kage doing half damage to heroes with less than half health makes a second kage less than ideal.
My usual raid team consists of Panther Kage + three other heroes.
Vs Guin and Kunchen tanks, I bring Victor as a three stack. I think Seshat will be a great third piece for Guin.

I’ll be maxing Kunchen first but Seshat will be next after him.
My dupe Seshats, Hels, Kages and Sartana afterwards.

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