⚔ [27 Feb, 2022] - 149th Raid Tournament - 4* Bloody Battle, No Fire/ Red

:spiral_calendar: Schedule

Preparation Phase Begins Battle Phase Begins Rewards Distributed
(08:00 GMT)
(08:00 GMT)
(08:00 GMT)

:no_pedestrians: This Week’s Restrictions & Special Rule

:fire: :leaves: :snowflake: :sun_with_face: :new_moon_with_face:
Elements Allowed
:superhero: :star2:
Hero Rarities Allowed
:person_fencing: :star2:
Troop Rarities Allowed
:snowflake: :leaves: :new_moon_with_face: :sun_with_face:
No Fire/ Red
:four: :star:
or lower
:three: :star:
or lower

:dizzy: Special Rule: Bloody Battle

Health Boost, Direct Healing, Heal Over Time, revival, and similar effects have no effect!

:timer_clock: History

=> Most Recent Occurrence of This Format: ⚔ [11 Jul, 2021] - 116th Raid Tournament - 4* Bloody Battle, No Fire/ Red

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:left_speech_bubble: Before, During & After the Tournament: Share & Discuss Your Teams, Thoughts, Feedback, and Questions!

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  • Do this week’s restrictions on hero/troop rarity and elements make your bench depth better or worse suited to this Raid Tournament than Regular Raids?
  • Are there heroes you’re likely to use for this Tournament that you normally don’t make use of anymore?
  • Are there heroes you plan to power level for this Tournament, or level before the next time a Tournament like this one rolls around?
  • Do Costumes affect your team selection at all?
  • What are you thinking about using for your Defense Team?
  • Are there heroes you expect to see on Enemy Defenses that you think you’ll have a harder time dealing with than usual because of the restrictions or special rule in this Tournament?
  • Which of your heroes will you be likely to use on your Attack Teams?
  • Will the restrictions or special rule of this Tournament change your usual approach to color stacking or team building?
  • Are there elements of this week’s Tournament that are unclear to you?
  • Do you have feedback on the Tournament matchmaking?

:clipboard: Defense Team Tracking

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  • Which day of the Tournament is it?
  • How may times have you been attacked today, and in total?
  • What is your Defense Team’s win/loss record today, and in total?
  • What Defense Grade does your Defense Team have?
  • Which heroes make up your Defense Team?
  • What is the Team Power of your Defense Team?
  • What is your current Tournament Score and Ranking?

:gem: After the Tournament: Share Your Results & Rewards!

:world_map: Log & Guide to Raid Tournaments

A Log of past Tournaments, and an overview of how Raid Tournaments work, including Special Rules and Restrictions, Attacking, Matchmaking, Defense Grade, Scoring, and Rewards.

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I’m at a loss for this. Thinking should be using green. My options are Peters +18, Caedmon+20 and unemblemed Wren. None of them seem great tank options. Will need to put some thought into this one.

Considering this

Other thought is this one


Oof… guess I read the Feb 22 calendar wrong. I was prepping for the 3* rush tourney. I guess that’s what happens when February and March have the same dates.

So in prepping for this 4* bloody, it looks like I really don’t have a solid green tank. Guess I’ll need to do a limit break blitz on Marcel.

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I think Marcel as tank? I’m guessing buddy still is the best tank for this format (damage, debuff and minions), but don’t have him.

I see some almurs in the previous round, but my marcel is way stronger.

@Kilted definitely no on the second option, as green has enough dispellers and boril is weak to green. Not sure what the better option would be though…


Thanks, I’ve also been toying with just going mana control and using

Proteus / Mist / Peters / Gretel / Merlin

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That’s already better, although i would swap proteus and mist, due to better colourbalance and mist being fast.

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I am thinking about this

Other options are

Is there any of the above better option to be replaced with current defense?

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How does Franz fits in this tournament or is he just too slow ?

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I will try my LB Buddy & C Li Xiu :slightly_smiling_face:

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I go with him as tank, Marcel is here to do dmg so hes better on flank :slight_smile:

@Blord he will never be too slow, he is the best tank for this format.
@Rockstar Personally I would filed Frank-Marcel-Buddy-Li Xiu-Ingolf


Thanks a lot. I will put ingolf then

Probably going to go with this team


You think Franz is not to slow as tank? Currently got this as a lineup, Mist can slow them while Franz and Marcel gain enough mana to fire was my thought. Franz isnt fully levelled yet but a beast already.


Having the heroes I would field him as tank.
He may be very slow but his bulk is enough to last and in this format if he hast he kills.

Li Xiu-Franz-Marcel as center will be great, other good heroes would be Anastasia, Ceadmon, Tettukh, Hansel.

I wouldn’t use Almur but one of them.

@others With Mist and Griffith around I have long since lost faith on riposte heroes other than Ferrant.


I’m going in with this team. Was thinking on putting Gretel instead Liu, but Liu has better stats. Should I add Gretel instead?


My choice for this tourney. In the past I had some success with Marcel, Jack, Mist and c. Tiburtus in bloody battle, let’s see what will happen this time. :slight_smile:


Most of the limit broken heroes I could use are healers or slow blues. Not expecting much from this tournament.


This the first time I will have buddy as a tank


Will try this setup…
IMAGE 2022-02-28 13:07:36