23-9 Superstats

The 23-9 Superstats (my new most favourite stage)
All stats derived from 100 runs.


I strongly hope that everyone is able to understand the 3 and 4 letter abbreviations. I sorted everything alphabetically and by rarity.

I like more letters. (I didn’t get all the abbreviations, but sometimes I’m slow.) :grin:

Looks like another great worksheet with some elbow grease on it! :wink:

Yeah, it is always two letters from the first word and two letters from the second word. When the name of the item is one word only then it is simplier like: fire = firestone, dag = dagger, str = string.

Maybe a legend for us slower folk

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If it’s two words, might want a space between. (Is there enough space to give three letters for each word, with a space or dash between? Orchichalcum Nugget might be easier to place as Ori-Nug” than “Ornu”)

You know we appreciate you! We just want your chart as accessible as possible for other players. :wink:

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thanks for the great work done !!!

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Why did you choose 23-9 over 23-11? I like farming 23-11 because it is so fast and the loot drop have been good to me.

In 23-11 I have to use battle items. In 23-9 I don’t have to.

Do you have some app to register this datas?
Or is it all manually?

I do it manually, every day, every stage. Got more than 1000 runs documented in all stages. I also record everything else like mystic vision, all chests, all quests etc.

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Wow o.o very very efficient :smiley: where are you from, brother? (or sister?)

Czech republic, I am a brother :slight_smile:

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Oh, very nice! Sicily, Italy (:

@Pois1: Thank you very much ! This is much appreciated!

Saw the version 1.12 patch notes. Which would you recommend for loot tickets.

You can spent them for 23.11 or wait for season 2…

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So far actually 23-9 is slightly better than 23-11.
The difference is that the maximum number of rolls is 1 higher in 23-11 (18 rolls).
These stages have the highest chance for heroes, 23-9 (63%) and 23-11 (60%).
23-11 is terrible for troops (only 9%) compared to 23-9 (17%).
Recruits and resources are almost precisely equal.
And according to my experience 23-11 is the best stage for Tall Boots (11%) in the whole game.

I thought about the Loot Tickets a lot. I will definitely save all of these for later.
What if there is a stage in Season 2 which is better than anything we know from Season 1 huh?


@Pois1, I’m always ready to re-think my farming strategy. Since I haven’t completed 23-3 yet, farming 23-9 or 23-11 are clearly out of the question until I build my team a bit more and finish season one. But what you are looking for seems different than what I’m looking for.

My priorities, in order:

  1. Filling a monster or elemental chest if I have one open. (I accelelerate and try for 3/day)
  2. Getting plenty of recruits, so my TC11 bank is building up, not running dry.
  3. Getting better XP / Food / Iron, 'tho these seem a bit marginal; food/iron is tiny compared to my farms/mines, and leveling myself (not my heroes) seems to be giving relatively minor improvements as I approach level 30.
  4. Finding useful items that I run out of. Right now, that is swords and backpacks for TC1&2, and metal ore for crafting banners and axes.

I’m starting to upgrade my forge to new levels, and will burn through my stockpile of 3*/4* crafting ingredients eventually, and need to revisit for that reason.

I always considered finding feeder heroes and troops a “bonus” and never thought about where they were distributed. I also noticed reliable looking data on it besides yours.

That seems like a resource worth paying attention to for farming, if it isn’t totally random.

Anyhow, I end up farming 8-7 (good enough monster count for me to get 100 on one set of flags, excellent recruit count) and 12-9 (Better XP, better crafting items, decent recruits) most of the time, occasionally 15-9 (metal ore), unless I’m doing a valuable quest, or an event. As I was leveling up and was capable of farming in province 20, I did so…until I started running out of recruits, and went back to lower levels.

You appear to be doing things quite differently, and I’m wondering why.

I’m also wondering if things like the best stage for tall boots is a the result of randomness, or if the game designers did it intentionally. (Not that I can currently imagine a need to farm for tall boots!)

Which part do you see him doing differently, BWH?

Just wondering as I have not viewed the work yet.

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